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Best Endocrinologists in West Sussex, UK

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Harvey Road, Guildford, United Kingdom, GU1 3LX - 21.73 miles
Mount Alvernia Hospital - 21.73 miles
Harvey Road, Guildford, United Kingdom, GU1 3LX
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36 years of experience

Professor David Russell-Jones

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Clinical Work

Lead clinician for all district Diabetes and specialist Diabetes services. Lead Clinician for Endocrinology services,including regional Pituitary GH service, Lead physician Thyroid MDT (Surrey & N Hampshire), Adrenal MDT, Neuroendocrine MDT. Acute General Physician with own GIM take

Student Supervision

Principal supervisor for 10 MD students to date, Supervisor 2 clinical SPRs 1 Academic F2,

F1 and CMT

Other information

Head of Department for Diabetes& Endocrinology

Previous member Clinical reference group CRG for NHS England for Specialist Endocrinology

Previous member Clinical reference group CRG for NHS England for Specialist Diabetes

Head of the Clinical advisory board for diabetes for Surrey PCT Previous regional STC Chairman &

Programme Director Diabetes & Endocrinology

Head of Clinical Academic Group Diabetes University of Surrey and Surrey NHS Hospitals.

Trustee for Sir Jules Thorne Trust (prestigious medical charity), Trustee UK Diabetes Research

Foundation. Member of advisory boards for all UK insulin manufacturers Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilly, Sanofi Aventis, Astra Zenica,

Member of a series of seminars run by the Smith Institue held at number 11 Downing Street to discuss care of chronically ill patients

Previous (17 years) Chairman SE Coast Research Ethics Committee.

Currently Principle investigator for 1 international studies and 1 NIHR study on Covid-19.

Raised the money and built innovative clinical Diabetes & Endocrinology centre incorporating research unit “CEDAR” Centre designed by Sir Nicholas Grimshaw and given to NHS

Elected member the Association of Physicians of UK and Ireland and the Association of

Clinical Professors.


Have been chief applicant or co-applicant for research grants totalling £750K in the

last 5 years.

Academic Interest

The use of stable isotopes to understand human physiology and pathophysiology, I Perform detailed metabolic studies to understand peptide hormone action particularly Insulin, IGF-I and Growth hormone. I have a particular interest in Insulin analogues and the possibility of creating Hepatoselective insulins.

I have an academic interest in formulating safe working conditions for people with

diabetes in safety critical roles including flying. Our work on flying with

insulin treated diabetes showing safety has designated one of the most

important papers in 2020 for people with diabetes.

I review grant applications for Welcome foundation, MRC, Diabetes UK, Danish MRC, and review articles for Diabetes Care, Diabetic Medicine, Diabetologia,Clinical Endocrinology, Lancet. Have wriiten leader BMJ

Principle investigator

of many large international trials including:

Growth Hormone regulatory submission trial Lilly

Detemir type 1 diabetes regulatory submission trial Novo Nordisk

“Lead 5” Liraglutide trial Novo Nordisk

“Duration 4” Bydureon regulatory submission trial Lilly

“Imagine” Peglispro insulin trial Lilly

GrowthHormone regulatory submission trial Sandoz

“Onset 1” Fiasp insulin type 1 diabetes regulatory submission trial

“Take Control” Toujeo insulin trial Sanofi

National PI for many other clinical trials.

International presentations:


speaker at International meetings in 4 Continents in 2001-2017 including DUK, EASD, ISPAD, ADA,

IDF, CODY, DUK, BES, Hungarian Diabetes association, Slovenian diabetes association, French diabetes association, UAE diabetes association. and many National and International Diabetes Associations including Association of Physicians of India 2013. Invited Lecturer EASD “Cancer and insulin” the the largest attended EASD symposium ever) Hot Topics invited lecturer Diabetes UK Liverpool 2014, Hot Topics lecture “ New Insulins” EASD Vienna 2014, asked to present Dual programme by EASD 2015 Stockholm, Invited to speak by ADA at symposium Treating the obese

type1. Oral scientific presentations at ADA, EASD, BES, AES.

References of published papers Pub Med:

Currently 167 papers, 38 in the last 5 years listed on Pub Med.

Please see link below:

Other Details:

I am a keen sailor having represented UK at International events.

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What is an endocrinologist?

Hormonal and developmental disorders and related problems can be extremely vexing. Unlike many medical issues, it is not possible for patients to see their glands or the substances they produce, yet they play such a huge role in every aspect of our lives. Whether suffering from metabolic problems, diabetes, early or late-onset puberty, too little or too much growth, menopause, thyroid issues, menopause, infertility, or other disorders linked to hormones, the best practitioners to consult are endocrinologists. Finding a top endocrinologist is easy with Doctify.

When to see an endocrinologist?

The top endocrinologists have extensive training in diagnosing and treating all the aforementioned disorders. In addition to general medical training and a residency, the best endocrinologists must then study for several more years to become masters of the glands and hormones/hormonal and metabolic disorders that they will treat in their practice. Diabetes and thyroid problems are the most regular reason for patient visits to top-rated endocrinologists, followed closely by puberty, menopause, and infertility issues (when hormones are the suspected cause).

Making sure your chosen expert endocrinologists are fully qualified and certified is important – the advice and diagnoses that they can provide are only as good as their skills and abilities. Top endocrinologists found with Doctify are generally members of the Society for Endocrinology and the European Thyroid Association, at a minimum. Although dealing with hormonal and developmental problems can be daunting, owing to the “hidden” nature of what glands and hormones do in the body, the best endocrinologists can help and often fix major problems with medication, supplements, or related treatments. Sometimes, health and happiness really are just a pill away!