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Best Endocrinologists in Sundridge, Sevenoaks, UK

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Bucks Cross Road Chelsfield, Orpington, United Kingdom, BR6 7RG - 5.46 miles
Chelsfield Park Hospital - 5.46 miles
Bucks Cross Road Chelsfield, Orpington, United Kingdom, BR6 7RG
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24 years of experience
Thyroid Problems, Video Consultation, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism + 30more

Professor Dworakowska has a broad clinical practise in endocrinology, diabetes, obesity and general medicine. Her special interest includes cardiovascular endocrinology, oncological endocrinology and antenatal endocrinology.

She completed her training in endocrinology and diabetes in London at Barts and the London Hospital, as well as at Kings College Hospital and Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital. She undertook her speciality training in general/internal medicine at Medical University of Gdansk (Gdansk, Poland), Otto-von-Guericke University (Magdeburg, Germany) and Katharinen Hospital (Stuttgart, Germany).

Professor Dworakowska worked as a Consultant Physician in Medicine and Endocrinology at Kings College Hospital (2012-2017) and as a Consultant in Endocrinology and Diabetes at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital (2013-2014).

Professor Dworakowska has an extensive research portfolio in endocrine oncology and in Jan 2019 has received the title of professor of medicine from Polish President Mr Duda.

She is a Professor at Medical University of Gdansk, Poland and an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in Cancer Studies at Kings College London. She has published a significant amount of original research papers, reviews and book chapters.

She acted as a Fund Adviser for Kings College Hospital Charity ‘Endocrine Cancer Research Fund’. Charitable work is an important part of her practice. She has been awarded multiple international awards and fellowships including:

  • several Foundation for Polish Science and European Union grants (pituitary and adrenal tumours)
  • The TOP 500 Innovators in Research Commercialization (Oxford and Cambridge Universities)
  • L’Oreal Poland for Women in Science award
  • Lyon’s club award Stefan Batory’s fellowships (for patients based in the UK) (dla chorych w Wielkiej Brytanii) (for patients based in Poland) (dla chorych w Polsce)

Papers on COVID-19:

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Kingswood Road, Tunbrige Wells, United Kingdom, TN2 4UL - 12.01 miles
Nuffield Health Tunbridge Wells Hospital - 12.01 miles
Kingswood Road, Tunbrige Wells, United Kingdom, TN2 4UL
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36 years of experience
Thyroid Problems, Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, General Medicine + 26more

Dr Dennis Barnes has been a Consultant Physician with an interest in Diabetes & Endocrinology since 1996. His research interest was in diabetic kidney disease and he remains a member of the European Diabetic Nephropathy Study Group. He was Clinical Lead in Diabetes & Endocrinology at Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells (MTW) NHS Trust from 2007 - 2012 and has broad experience in all general areas of Diabetes & Endocrinology.

Dr. Barnes retired from his NHS post at MTW NHS Trust in February 2021 but continues to see patients in the private sector. During his time at MTW NHS Trust, he helped to develop a number of local specialist diabetes services, including the largest Insulin Pump Service in Kent.

In addition to his practice, Dr. Barnes is a passionate educator and takes an active role in medical education and is an MRCP PACES Examiner. He has also been appointed as a Visiting Senior Lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University in 2021.

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London Road, Sevenoaks, London, United Kingdom, TN13 2JD - 2.16 miles
Sevenoaks Medical Centre - 2.16 miles
London Road, Sevenoaks, London, United Kingdom, TN13 2JD
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Recommended by 3 specialists
27 years of experience
Thyroid Problems, Blood Glucose Monitoring, Graves’ Disease, High Blood Pressure + 33more

Dr Jesse Kumar, Consultant Endocrinologist and General Medicine Specialist, currently practises within the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust. He specialises in the treatment of endocrine issues of the Thyroid, Adrenal gland, as well as issues of calcium, hypogonadism, weight management and general endocrinology. He is a board-certified prescriber of radio-active iodine for hyperthyroidism and goitre.

Dt Kumar undertook Higher Speciality Training in the South Thames Deanery. Within his current NHS Trust, he has held many important posts including Lead Physician, Clinical Director and Clinical Lead for Diabetes Commissioning. He also runs a specialist clinic for Thyroid Radio-iodine, Thyroid Eye Disease, Treatment Pump clinic and antenatal diabetes.

Dr Kumar is also an active researcher, being involved in many international multi-site clinical trials as a Principal Investigator since 2006. His research has resulted in the publication of numerous peer-reviewed articles, he is also invited to international conferences to present these findings. 

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Bucks Cross Road Chelsfield, Orpington, United Kingdom, BR6 7RG - 5.46 miles
Chelsfield Park Hospital - 5.46 miles
Bucks Cross Road Chelsfield, Orpington, United Kingdom, BR6 7RG
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27 years of experience
Graves’ Disease, Tiredness (Fatigue), General Medicine, Osteoporosis + 33more

Dr Abbi Lulsegged is a consultant physician with a specialist interest in endocrinology and diabetes. He undertook his undergraduate training at Guy's Hospital Medical School, qualifying in 1994. He later went on to complete his specialist training in diabetes and endocrinology, working at both North and South Thames Deaneries, alongside postings at University College Hospital, the Royal Free and Guys St Thomas’ Hospitals. Later in his career, he was appointed a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in recognition of his service to his field and medicine in general.

He has a passion for his chosen speciality and enjoys the variety of unselected cases requiring specialist endocrine and diabetes input including thyroid adrenal, pituitary, bone/calcium metabolism, parathyroid, reproductive endocrinology, obesity, and diabetes. He strongly believes in updating himself and has attended training programmes with some of the top institutions in the world.

Due to the overlap with endocrinological disorders, he also sees patients with specific complaints such as tiredness and excessive sweating. Not only this, he has a vested interest in nutrition and integrative (general) medicine and sees patients who have unexplained symptoms or those who fall in the category of general medical conditions. Furthermore, he has a particular interest in the management of unexplained illnesses, obesity and reversing type 2 diabetes, when conditions allow. He believes strongly in trying to determine the root cause(s) of a patient's problems and treating patients holistically. He sees patients from all over the Country and Overseas.

Dr Lulsegged developed the endocrine service at Princess Royal University Hospital, part of Kings College Hospital.

Beyond his medical achievements and exploits, Dr Lulsegged has a patient-centred approach, appropriately being awarded clinical excellence awards for his contribution to the care of patients. An academic phenom, alongside his healthcare interests, Dr Lulsegged also has a degree in biochemistry.

He enjoys teaching and has lectured at international conferences, grand rounds, academic half-days, GP talks and on professional MRCP courses, all of which reflects his broad extra-curricular interests. He wrote questions for the postgraduate examinations in Endocrinology for the Royal College of Physicians and has reviewed clinical papers for Editors of medical journals.

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London Road, Sevenoaks, London, United Kingdom, TN13 2JD - 2.16 miles
Sevenoaks Medical Centre - 2.16 miles
London Road, Sevenoaks, London, United Kingdom, TN13 2JD
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22 years of experience
Pituitary Disorders, Cushing’s Syndrome, Diabetes, Diabetes Insipidus + 30more

Dr Dulmini Kariyawasam, Consultant Endocrinologist and Diabetes Specialist, currently works within the Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. She also sees patients privately in several London-based hospitals including HCA London Bridge/Shard, KIMs Sevenoaks Medical Centre, and Guy's and St. Thomas’s Private Health. She has a wealth of experience in managing and treating diabetes (type 1 and 2) in adults, adolescents, and children including complications of diabetes and the management of hypoglycaemia. She also is highly specialised in endocrine disorders including those of the adrenal gland, thyroid, ovaries and testis, menstrual problems, PCOS, and growth and puberty problems.

Dr Kariyawasam graduated in 2000 with her undergraduate degree in medicine and surgery, before going on to do an MSc in Diabetes and Endocrinology at King’s College London. Following this, she underwent her specialist training in the London Deanery. Following her training, she was given membership to the Royal College of Physicians and was later made a Fellow for the same institute. She is also a member of Diabetes UK and American Diabetes Association and Endocrine Society.

 Dr Kariyawasam is an active member of the research community, publishing regularly in peer-reviewed journals. Throughout her career, she has been awarded several prizes for her work including the prestigious Niru-Goenka award of the Association of British Clinical Diabetologists for innovative thinking. Alongside this award, the team that she works with has also won the HSJ award for the management of young adults with Type 1 diabetes. 

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Poppy Lane Shirley Oaks Village, Croydon, United Kingdom, CR9 8AB - 10.72 miles
The Shirley Oaks Hospital - 10.72 miles
Poppy Lane Shirley Oaks Village, Croydon, United Kingdom, CR9 8AB
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47 years of experience
Thyroid Problems, Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Blood Glucose Monitoring + 12more

Dr Malcolm Prentice, Consultant in Endocrinology, General Medicine and Diabetes, is based in London at the Croydon University Hospital NHS Trust. He also works for several private practise in London. He is specialised in the treatment of all thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal and pituitary disorders, goitre and cancer, radioactive iodine therapy, polycystic ovaries, hirsutism, obesity and reproductive endocrinology, including thyroid and endocrine diseases in pregnancy, osteoporosis, complex diabetes and diabetic complications, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, and general (internal) medicine.

Mr Prentice began his medical education by graduating in Medicine in 1975, he is a highly experienced doctor with over 45 years in the industry. He was one of the very first doctors in the UK in 1990 to develop a One-stop Thyroid Nodule Clinic using ultrasound. He has over 30 years of experience in thyroid biopsy and ultrasound.

Mr Prentice has previously contributed to the education of his colleagues by setting up a national training course in thyroid biopsy and ultrasound, supported by the Royal College of Radiologists, which is still going ahead now. Additionally, he is co-author of the National Guidelines for the Management of Differentiated Thyroid Cancer. He is also an accredited ARSAC physician for the use of radioactive iodine treatment of thyrotoxicosis and goitre.

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40-42 Lee Terrace, London, United Kingdom, SE3 9UD - 13.82 miles
The Blackheath Hospital - 13.82 miles
40-42 Lee Terrace, London, United Kingdom, SE3 9UD
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39 years of experience
Graves’ Disease, Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism, Acromegaly or Gigantism + 26more

John Miell is a Consultant Physician & Endocrinologist who qualified (BM BCh) in

He studied endocrinology at three major international centres; St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, King’s College London and University Hospital, Geneva and was awarded DM for research in 1990.

As a Wellcome Graduate and an Advanced Fellow he ran a research group at King’s which was funded by grants from the MRC, Wellcome Trust, Fetal Medicine Foundation, Linbury Trust and the KCL JRC totalling approximately £3m.

He has over 100 peer reviewed papers, reviews and book chapters and recently authored a textbook of Endocrinology which is on the reading lists of many major schools in the US and UK.

He was appointed Senior Lecturer (KCL) and Consultant Physician (University Hospital Lewisham and King’s College) in 1996 and was granted Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians of both London
and Edinburgh in 1999.

He runs the Metabolic Medicine Unit and continues to practice general acute medicine leading a team of junior trainees.

Since 2014 he has been associate Dean of KCL Medical School alongside his roles in senior medical
management. He sits on the exam board of the RCP SCE and was previously training programme Director (JCHMT) and regional specialty advisor (RCP). He remains a Royal College examiner and was previously senior external examiner for St George’s Hospital Medical School

His achievements have been recognised by the DoH with a national clinical excellence award. He is committed to excellence in Endocrine diagnosis and care.

Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments
  • Video Consultation
  • Dexamethasone suppression test
  • Pituitary function test
  • Synacthen test and HCDC
  • Pituitary disease
  • Addison’s Disease
  • Other adrenal disorders
  • Endocrine Hypertension
  • General Medicine
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Reproductive medicine including PCOS and subfertility
  • Parathyroid Disease
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Bucks Cross Road Chelsfield, Orpington, United Kingdom, BR6 7RG - 5.46 miles
Chelsfield Park Hospital - 5.46 miles
Bucks Cross Road Chelsfield, Orpington, United Kingdom, BR6 7RG
7 years of experience
Hormone Imbalances and Disorders (Female), Cushing’s Syndrome, Diabetes, Men's Health + 33more

Dr Georgios K Dimitriadis is a Consultant in Endocrinology and Obesity Medicine at King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Honorary Senior Lecturer in the School of Cardiovascular Medicine & Sciences at King's College London. He also runs a private practise at BMI Chelsfield Park Hospital and London Bridge Hospital seeing patients with all endocrine/thyroid disorders, including adrenal and pituitary tumours, type 2 diabetes mellitus, obesity, reproductive disorders (female and male) PCOS, bone disorders/osteoporosis and other.

He was awarded an MSc on Reproductive Endocrinology from the University of Athens for his work on the "effects of testosterone replacement therapy on energy expenditure of hypogonadal men". He was also awarded an MSc on Obesity and related comorbidities from Karolinska Institute for his work on the "effect of bariatric surgery on Natural Killer cell activity in adult humans". His PhD thesis for the University of Warwick is on the "cardioprotective effects of medical and surgical interventions for the management of obesity".

Georgios is the lead physician for Tier 4 ASO/EASO COM Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Services across KCH, PRUH and South Sites. His areas of research interest involve clinical and preclinical studies on medical, endoscopic and surgical interventions for the management of obesity and related disorders (prediabetes, PCOS, CVD, NAFLD/NASH). Georgios is an investigator in several landmark obesity and T2DM studies (SCALE, LEADER, EXSCEL, STEP-1, DUAL-VIII, SUSTAIN 6 &10, AMYLIN, SELECT, SOUL and others), and has published extensively in these areas.

He has received several awards and scholarships from SfE-BES, UEMS, Novo Nordisk UK Research Foundation and recently NIHR South London CRN Strategic "Green Shoots" Investigator award in recognition of his clinical research outcomes. Dr Dimitriadis has graduated the 3rd European Obesity Academy (Karolinska/J&J) and UK 1st Emerging Obesity Leaders Programme (NN/ASO). He is a SCOPE and EASO UK National Fellow. He is a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity and RCP advisory group on the new guideline for obesity management. Georgios is a member board of Trustees for the Association for the Study of Obesity (ASO).

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What is an endocrinologist?

Hormonal and developmental disorders and related problems can be extremely vexing. Unlike many medical issues, it is not possible for patients to see their glands or the substances they produce, yet they play such a huge role in every aspect of our lives. Whether suffering from metabolic problems, diabetes, early or late-onset puberty, too little or too much growth, menopause, thyroid issues, menopause, infertility, or other disorders linked to hormones, the best practitioners to consult are endocrinologists. Finding a top endocrinologist is easy with Doctify.

When to see an endocrinologist?

The top endocrinologists have extensive training in diagnosing and treating all the aforementioned disorders. In addition to general medical training and a residency, the best endocrinologists must then study for several more years to become masters of the glands and hormones/hormonal and metabolic disorders that they will treat in their practice. Diabetes and thyroid problems are the most regular reason for patient visits to top-rated endocrinologists, followed closely by puberty, menopause, and infertility issues (when hormones are the suspected cause).

Making sure your chosen expert endocrinologists are fully qualified and certified is important – the advice and diagnoses that they can provide are only as good as their skills and abilities. Top endocrinologists found with Doctify are generally members of the Society for Endocrinology and the European Thyroid Association, at a minimum. Although dealing with hormonal and developmental problems can be daunting, owing to the “hidden” nature of what glands and hormones do in the body, the best endocrinologists can help and often fix major problems with medication, supplements, or related treatments. Sometimes, health and happiness really are just a pill away!