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Best Cosmetic Doctors in London, UK

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Mr Simon Filson - Cosmetic Doctors
1.03 miles

Mr Simon Filson Cosmetic Medicine

Mr Simon Filson Cosmetic Medicine

Expert in: Fillers injections

Dr Simon Filson obtained his medical degree from Newcastle Upon Tyne University, graduating with Merit. Following this he underwent training in the North East of England. In 2011 he moved to a trauma centre in Haifa, in Israel. At this centre most of his workload involved the reconstruction of serious burns and war injuries from Syria, Israel and Palestine. In 2014 Dr Filson was honoured for his surgical work when he received the Excellence award, Oved Mitztayen”, from the Rambam Health Care Campus. His particular clinical interests include microsurgical head & neck and trauma reconstruction, and paediatric plastic surgery. He also has extensive experience of surgical and non surgical cosmetic treatments, such as injectables and mole removal.

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Mr Tomas Bozek - Cosmetic Doctors
1.03 miles

Mr Tomas Bozek Cosmetic Medicine

Mr Tomas Bozek Cosmetic Medicine

Expert in: Acne, Acne Scaring, Botox Injections, Cosmetic Injectables + 11 more

Mr Tomas Bozek is a Consultant with specialist interests in General Medicine, Cancer Medicine and Dermatology. He qualified in Medicine in 1976 from Oxford University, but also has a prior qualification in Philosophy, Physiology and Psychology. He also went on to complete a fellowship with the Royal College of Physicians of London.

He has extensive experience in working with dermatological lasers and has worked with SKN/Lasercare since 1992. He also has experience in working with other types of lasers in skin rejuvenation. 

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Dr Ricardo Gutierrez - Cosmetic Doctors
1.03 miles
5 years of experience
Expert in: Acne Scaring, Botox Injections, Chemical peel, Cosmetic Injectables + 7 more

Dr Ricardo Gutierrez is a Consultant with a speciality in Aesthetic Medicine. He can perform a range of procedures, including cosmetic injectables, dermal fillers, chin filler, nose filler, lip enhancement, mesotherapy injections, hyperhidrosis, Thread Lifting, and procedures for face shaping including  masseter jaw reduction.

He graduated (MB BS) in Spain, at Complutense University of Madrid, and decided to further his education and knowledge of Cosmetic Medicine obtaining a Master of Science in Aesthetic Medicine (MSc), with Honours, at University of Alcala de Henares, Spain. He has further increased  his knowledge of skin conditions by a Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Dermatology obtained at Queen Mary University of London.

He has been working in Cosmetic Medicine for more than 10 years and has worked in clinics in both Spain and the UK, providing him  an exceptional experience to asses the individual needs for each patient. 

With his knowledge and skills he is able to deliver the best treatments for his patients. He always considers  the needs of the patient and keeps their health and safety as a top priority.

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Dr Amrit Takhar - Cosmetic Doctors
1.05 miles
36 years of experience

Dr Amrit Takhar is an experienced cosmetic doctor having initially trained in General practice and minor surgery and has undertaken advanced training to perform aesthetic procedures for the past 8 years

Dr Takhar trained at medical school in Birmingham and is a very knowledgeable doctor with over 20 years experience. After completing his GP training, he gained a distinction in the Membership exam of the Royal College of GPs. He has been a GP trainer for 20 years and is currently an active researcher with an interest in dermatology.

Moreover, he has taught on numerous medical workshops around the UK. He has always had a special interest in skin conditions and has been undertaking minor surgical procedures and injectable treatments for over 20 years.

Dr Takhar has received specialist training in the use and administration of all cosmetic products and treatments that he offers. He researches all procedures before introducing them in the clinic and ensures that the treatment for each client is appropriate and carried out in the safest and most effective manner. He is an accredited Save Face practitioner and attends regular updates to ensure that the most effective treatment protocols are being used

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Dr Mark Tam - Cosmetic Doctors
1.08 miles

Dr Mark Tam Cosmetic Medicine

Dr Mark Tam Cosmetic Medicine

Recommended by 2 specialists
13 years of experience
Expert in: Hair Loss Treatments, Hair Transplant, Hairline Density, Hairline Lowering + 2 more

Dr Tam qualified from Southampton Medical School with a Bachelor of Medicine and he is a Board Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery.  He is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery (BAHRS), British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) and he holds a full registration with the General Medical Council with a Licence to Practice.

Dr Tam is an award-winning hair transplant doctor experienced specifically in the field of FUE Hair Restoration and he has worked in various reputable clinics in London, UK and abroad. This enabled him to continuously refine his techniques in his FUE hair transplant surgery, honouring him with the "Phideas Award"; "Leaders of Hair Restoration"; "Top 100 Doctors" Award, "Hair Transplant Surgeon City Winner: LONDON" Award and "Top Rated' award.


He has previously been a guest lecturer at the University of Lyon for the Hair Transplant Surgery Diploma course and has been a trainer for other doctors in Hair Transplant procedures. He is experienced in general Hair Transplant Surgery including facial hair, body hair and transplants into scars. He currently focuses on his special interest: High-Density Hair Transplants to the hairline and temples, an area that he specialises in and is dedicated to.

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Dr Matee Ullah - Cosmetic Doctors
1.09 miles

Dr Matee Ullah Cosmetic Medicine

Dr Matee Ullah Cosmetic Medicine

10 years of experience
Expert in: Acne Scaring, Cosmetic Injectables, Dermal Fillers, Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

Dr Ullah has built a prestigious reputation, with experience from Massachusetts General (Harvard Medical School), Trauma Centre, Dubai and London’s famous Harley Street.

Since 2014 Dr Ullah has performed thousands of hair transplant procedures. He has perfected his own FUE technique to be minimally invasive, and painless, making him one of the leading hair transplant surgeons in the UK. Such a distinguished reputation has led to Dr Ullah being responsible for the largest number of procedures undertaken among TV personalities, sports stars, and ‘A’ list celebrities in the UK.

As an industry leader, Dr Ullah remains dedicated to further research into hair transplant techniques, developing his skills and procedures further. He is a member of FUE Europe a key institution involved in researching hair biology and diseases.


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Dr. Manish Mittal - Cosmetic Doctors
1.24 miles
5 years of experience
Expert in: Hair Transplant, Hair Loss Treatments, Hairline Density, Cosmetic Injectables + 9 more

Dr Manish Mittal is a Hair Transplant Surgeon currently based on Harley Street. He treats patients in both London and Bedfordshire. His areas of specialism are aesthetic medicine and hair restoration. He offers a range of treatments including botox, dermal fillers, injectables, Hair Restoration beard transplant and eyebrow restoration.

Dr Mittal graduated from the University of Leicester, and pursude a surgical training pathway. He has worked in through various surgical specialties including; general surgery, vascular surgery, Orthopaedics and Urology rotating through the prestigious North Central Thames deanary and Oxford Deanary. Dr Mittal has a special interest in aesthetic medicine where his focus took him to hair restoration surgery. Having been fortunate enough to be trained by several renowned hair transplant surgeons on Harley Street and around the world, he has blended the best of all techniques to perform the surgeries that will best suit the patient infront of him. 

Dr Mittal has gone on to treat several high profile celebrities and high profile influencers. 

Dr Mittal has many professional memberships including FUE Europe and World FUE institution.

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Dr. Yannis Alexandrides - Cosmetic Doctors
1.31 miles
Expert in: Face Lift, Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), Botox Injections, Brazilian Butt Lift + 22 more

Dr Yannis Alexandrides is the Founder and Surgical Director of 111 Harley St. An American and European board-certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr Yannis established the 111 Harley St. clinic in 2001. For almost two decades, 111 Harley St. has remained at the forefront of aesthetic innovation due to Dr Yannis’s tireless approach to medical excellence.

While well-versed across all surgical practices, Dr Yannis is world-renowned for breast enhancement, rhinoplasty and facelifts, pioneering the latter into his signature ‘Y-Lift’ technique.

Focusing on the preservation and personalising treatments, Dr Yannis believes surgery should be unique for each of his patients. In these cases, unique combinations of invasive and non-invasive treatments are often prescribed. For the invasive procedures, Dr Yannis utilises innovative techniques and advanced medical technology to deliver unparalleled results while ensuring there is no visible scarring. So innovative are the procedures performed at 111 Harley St. that many have been created by Dr Yannis himself, including the popular Y-Facelift.

Dr Yannis is on the General Medical council (GMC) Specialist Register - Plastic Surgery, and is board-certified by the European Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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Dr Bessam Farjo - Cosmetic Doctors
1.41 miles

Dr Bessam Farjo Cosmetic Medicine

Dr Bessam Farjo Cosmetic Medicine

30 years of experience
Expert in: Hair Transplant, Hair Loss Treatments

Dr Bessam Farjo graduated from his general surgery training from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 1988. He then trained in hair restoration surgery in Canada in 1993 and is a co-founder of the Farjo Hair Institute in England. He has numerous memberships in surgical associations including being a past president of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and co-founder of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery.  In 2012 he received the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Platinum Follicle Award for outstanding achievement in basic scientific or clinically-related research in hair pathophysiology or anatomy in relation to hair restoration. He is also an expert contributor to television channels including the BBC, Channel 4 and Sky, a commentator to a number of newspapers and a blog writer for the Huffington Post.

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Mr Tunc Tiryaki - Cosmetic Doctors
1.60 miles

Mr Tunc Tiryaki Cosmetic Medicine

Mr Tunc Tiryaki Cosmetic Medicine

Expert in: Face Lift, Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), Botox Injections, Brazilian Butt Lift + 19 more

Mr Tunc Tiryaki is a renowned Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon specialising in facial surgery who treats patients internationally at his clinics in Istanbul and London. The UK centre of Tiryaki Surgery was opened in 2015 in collaboration with the Cadogan Clinic as a centre for rejuvenescent and anti-ageing therapies, and plastic and cosmetic surgeries.

Mr Tiryaki has a special interest in mini-facelifts and is a pioneer in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures including suspension techniques, micro-lifting and regenerative cell injections – all delivering exceptionally natural results. He is a pioneer in rejuvenescent surgeries, and has developed his own outpatient procedure for nose reshaping and a facial endo-lifting method (micro-lift) for a less invasive facial rejuvenation process.

In London, the majority of his patients are treated with Botox and fillers, fat transfers, stem cell regenerative applications, eyelid operations, suspensions, micro-facelifts, liposuction, which are either done under local anaesthetic or sedation. Surgeries such as abdominoplasty and breast augmentation are done under general anaesthetic.

Mr Tiryaki is renowned by his peers and patients as one of the world's most pre-eminent surgeons and holds patents for his innovative techniques in regenerative and plastic surgery. Lecturing all over the world, Mr Tiryaki is passionate about education, sharing his knowledge and contributing to the future of cosmetic surgery.

He is the Chair of Humanitarian Programs of ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons) and undertakes extensive work as a humanitarian, actively leading and joining surgical volunteer missions to countries including Syria, Sudan, Kazakhstan and Georgia as well as having lead rescue missions during the 1999 and 2011 earthquakes in Turkey.

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What is a Cosmetic Doctor? 

A cosmetic doctor is someone who can offer advice and procedures to achieve your desired appearance. There are different types of cosmetic doctors who specialise in different areas (e.g. skin treatments, nose surgeries, breast augmentations, etc). The procedures on offer can be both surgical and non­surgical (e.g. cosmetic injections, laser treatments, etc). Some cosmetic procedures can also be done therapeutically (e.g. breast reduction for back pain). Note ­- those requiring reconstructive surgery should see a plastic surgeon.

When to see a Cosmetic Doctor?

You may wish to see a cosmetic doctor when you are looking to change your appearance for non­medical reasons. The cosmetic doctors can give you a consultation and offer their advice and recommendations for you and thoroughly explore any procedures on offer before any decisions are made. The majority of procedures are not available through the NHS and funding is generally provided privately.

What conditions does a Cosmetic Doctor treat?

What procedures can you find at a Cosmetic Medicine clinic?