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Best Optometrists in Bristol, UK

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Mr Bharat Rughani is a senior optometrist practicing at the world-renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital. He has over twenty five years’ experience in the field. He has a particular interest in specialist contact lenses, as well as in eye disorders such as dry eyes and glaucoma; and in refractive surgery. He is an assessor for the College of Optometrists. Away from the clinic, his interests include cricket, walking, cinema and heavy metal. 

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Mr Connan Tam - Optometrists
105.19 miles
Expert in: Video Consultation

Mr Connan Tam is a specialist Optometrist, qualifying as both an Orthoptist from Liverpool University and Optometry from City University in London, specialising in paediatric eye care and binocular vision. Connan has vast experience in his field from his roles in the past; working at Hillingdon hospital, as a glaucoma practitioner, specialist contact lens practitioner at St. Thomas Hospital of London and working alongside top paediatric consultant ophthalmologists in their private clinics. His skills and knowledge are demonstrated through his roles of teaching optometry, binocular vision and Visual Stress Assessment at City University. In 2013, Mr Tam started his own private clinic in Harley street specialising in paediatric eye care and was later invited to join Burnett Hodd to become a partner in the business merging his clinic to the practice.

Outside of the clinic, he helps the community by visiting independent schools to provide vision screening for 4-5 year olds and was awarded the Greatest Aptitude with Children prize. He is committed to optometry and highly skilled in his craft.

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Ms Minakshi Jain - Optometrists
105.19 miles
Expert in: Dry Eyes, Eye problems, Eye Test, Routine Eye Exam

Ms Minakshi Jain is an Optometrist currently working at The Dry Eye Centre which provide service to improve the treatment of dry eye in the UK and in the Glaucoma clinic at Moorfields Eye Hospital. She also works alongside various top London Consultant Ophthalmologists.

Ms Jain graduated from City, University of London in 2002 and completed professional qualifications at Moorfield Eye Hospital. She also worked at Great Ormond Street Hospital for children, through an additional role.

In addition Ms Jain is an independent Prescriber which she uses in both her hospital and private practices. She has over 15 years’ experience in eye care. Her many years of experience allowed her to understand how to combat long term eye discomfort. 

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Expert in: Eye Test, Dry Eyes, Conjunctivitis (pink eye), Dry Eye Syndrome + 4 more

Dr Caroline Burnett Hodd is a specialist Optometrist working in her family-owned private London practice, Burnett Hodd & Tam Optometry. Dr Burnett Hodd qualified from City University with First class honours in Optometry and was awarded three third-year prizes. She then went on to complete a PhD in Physics from the University of London and she taught Maths and Science in inner-London Comprehensive schools. She further developed her knowledge by also completing a Masters in Neuroscience with distinction at Imperial College London, during this time she specialised in the neuroscience of vision and discovered her interest in optometry. From then, she chose to follow in the footsteps of her father and grandfather's, training in London, Croydon, and Sidcup, before eventually joining her father's practice full-time. Here she started the Dry Eye Centre, which became the first specialist centre for dry eyes in the UK and continues to be at the forefront of the assessment and treatment of dry eyes.

Alongside her work, she writes for the major optical journals including the College of Optometrists Journal. Furthermore, she has also provided lectures both nationally and internationally. She has recently designed " Comfort 15", a mini-scleral contact lenses used for damaged eyes, and are available in several continents.

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