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Dr Elizabeth Adesugba is a highly qualified hearing and balance specialist with over 13 years’ experience in private and NHS audiological care. Adesugbae is an experienced lecturer nationally and internationally on topics such as anatomy and physiology, audiology and NHS professions. 

Adesugba is very passionate about Audiology and its ability to improve the quality of life for people with hearing or balance difficulties. For this reason, she is dedicated to making sure her patients get the very best personalised care.

Adesugba's special interests include Hearing Tests, Tympanometry, Reflex Testing, Videonystagmography, PositionalTesting, Dix-Hallpike for BPPV, Repositioning Manoeuvres, Vertebral ArteryScreening, Video Head Impulse Testing (VHIT), Vestibular Rehabilitation, Hearing Aid Fittings, Tinnitus Management and Hearing Protection.



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