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1 result found in Gerrard St, West End, London W1D 5QA, UK

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Expert in: Psychotherapy

With over 30  years of experience in psychotherapy and counselling I practice both psychodynamic psychotherapy as well as CBT - which is an excellent and valuable combination. I also hold special skills in addictions therapy, such as alcohol, drugs, tranquillisers, sugar, food, gambling, sex - and I have also run a practice for people with dependency.

I work with a wide range of different problem issues, such as stress/burnout, anxiety/panic attacks, depression, addictions, relationship difficulties, low self esteem, anger management, bereavement/loss, bullying, perfectionism, phobias, adjusting to health conditions/chronic pain.

Furthermore and in later years, I have worked with occupational health and wellbeing in workplaces, to promote work performance. Stress-related illnesses, sometimes accompanied by risky drinking, have reached a sky high levels in the 21st Century. Healthy, happy staff is a company’s best investment - and the good news is that this can be achieved, with less effort than you might think.

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