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Expert in: General Practice
Menopause , Health Screening , Aesthetic Medicine + 1 more

Dr Suren Naidoo is a General Practitioner based in London with a specialist interest in facial aesthetic medicine. He trained at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland then underwent postgraduate training at The Royal Liverpool Hospital and Ormskirk District General Hospital.

Suren is a specialist in Fractional Laser treatments for Facial Acne scarring and treats a wide variety of facial conditions, such as acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and thread veins. 

He has a special interest in women’s health focussing on the physical aspects of the menopause to alleviate Vaginal dryness and painful intercourse by using the Mona Lisa Touch treatment.

Suren's practice is based at Beauvia Medical & Welbeing Clinic, Harley Street, The BMI Cavell Hospital Enfield and Centennial Medical Care Elstree. He has a keen interest in medical education, and has  been involved in teaching and examining medical students at University College London. He also works as a GP Appraiser for NHS England, covering the North-East region. 

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Expert in: General Practice
Aesthetic Medicine

Dr Asel Usupbaeva graduated from the University of Kyrgyzstan State Medical School in 1995 and began her specialist training two years later. She has experience in a range of medical specialities, including aesthetic medicine, gynaecology, urology and genitourinary medicine. Her career in women’s health advanced as she developed her expertise in specialist areas such as vaginal rejuvenation laser treatment, bio-identical hormones, sexual health and family planning. In addition to building skills and knowledge in women’s health, she also trained with renowned experts in the field of aesthetic medicine and has been successfully helping patients with various aesthetic requirements for several years.

Dr Usupbaeva regularly attends events and courses to further her knowledge and understanding, keeping up to date with medical advancements in her specialist fields. She firmly believes that aesthetic treatment not only improves physical aspects of her patients but can positively impact mental health as well. Her diligent and meticulous approach puts patients at ease; they are safe in the knowledge that they are receiving exceptional care and treatment.

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