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Expert in: Psychology

Dr. Johnston treats patients coping with the stresses of everyday life alongside many clinical conditions and mental health struggles.

Aware that challenges can come in many forms and stress can manifest itself through a range of different symptoms, Dr. Johnston specializes in helping people to understand how stress, anxiety, mood, and life events can take a toll on the mind and body. For her patients, her practice is seen as a safe place for treatment.

Much of Dr. Jonston's work is focused on helping people with a range of physical health conditions that are not initially fully-explainable through medical diagnosis and may not be treatable with traditional medications or surgeries. Some of the patients' she sees in relation to this work may often feel that their chronic health conditions will see no end and continue on, this includes patients coping with arthritis, insomnia, IBS, chest and heart conditions and excess weight as well as many more. With a background in neuropsychology, she helps the patient understand the connection between emotion regulation and physical symptoms in the context of neuroanatomy and neurophysiology, proving these complex health symptoms are so much more than “all in your head!”

Her specialism in neuropsychology enables her to additionally serve patients who experience changes to, memory, thinking patterns, fatigue levels, cognition or longer-term neurological conditions like TBI or those who are post-stroke. Both talk therapy and formal cognitive assessment is available to these patients.

Her eclectic approach helps to find her patients a treatment style that is highly personalised for their specific goals and helps them to identify how to move forward with the lifestyle they want.

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