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Expert in: Osteopathy
Recommended by 2 specialists
Mr Marco Antonetto is a registered Osteopath and Medical Acupuncturist, always aiming to provide the highest quality of care to his patients. He graduated from the International College Of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM) in Italy and then completed a Masters with First Class Honours Degree at Kingston University in 2017.

During his studies, Marco gained extensive experience in the field as he had more than 1300 hours of clinical contact and treated more than 200 patients. He developed a special interest in cranial and visceral osteopathy and therefore received further training by participating in advanced tutorials, conferences and special training sessions. He believes that Knowledge is power. To share this principle he started teaching as a clinical tutor at NESCOT (Surrey) in 2018.

In his first year of practice, he has been shortlisted for the AWARD of Best Associate Osteopath of the Year 2018 by the Institute of Osteopathy.

Mr Antonetto is committed to providing "cutting edge" patient care and for this reason, he adopts a holistic method and combines different osteopathic approaches e.g. visceral, cranial and spinal. His aim is to treat the cause of the problems, not just the symptoms. He also believes that it is highly important to educate his patients regarding their injuries in order to empower them to have maximum control of their condition. 

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Expert in: Osteopathy
Recommended by 1 specialist
Paediatric Osteopathy

Rakhee Soni was born in 1985 and is a graduate of the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London which is one of the leading teaching establishments.

Rakhee is a qualified Perrin Technique Practitioner and been practising the Perrin Technique for 10 years. She has been working alongside Dr Raymond Perrin and practices with him at 100 Harley Street and The Bushey Practice. Rakhee has completed her degree in Osteopathic Medicine and a Diploma in Naturopathic Medicine and currently is working extensively in a variety of practices and with many practitioners. As well as working at the Harley Street, Rakhee also works at The Bushey Practice and The Chalfont Clinic.

Rakhee’s has undertaken extensive training her in the field and her osteopathic training involved a four-year full-time course, integrating knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology, orthopaedics, biomechanics, exercise physiology, pharmacology and clinical methods such as x-ray analysis. It is part of a wider naturopathic training, which includes applied clinical dietetics, hydrotherapy and stress management. Rakhee also had years of experience in treating newborn babies, children and Pregnant women.

Rakhee hard work has enabled her to stay up to date with all the latest techniques and she can treat her clients using a broad range of osteopathic techniques ranging from Perrin technique, joint manipulation, mobilisations, soft tissues stretching, cranial osteopathy, exercise & postural advice each chosen to suit the best needs of the patient.


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Expert in: Osteopathy
Recommended by 1 specialist

Mr Propert qualified from the British School of Osteopathy (now the University College of Osteopathy) in 1993 and worked in group practice in Windsor, as well as volunteering at the Osteopathic Centre for Children, while setting up Dolphin Square Osteopaths. He developed Calmer Clinics in order to encourage an integrated multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare. He has a wide range of clinical interests from Paediatrics and Cranial Osteopathy to Sports Injuries, and was one of the twenty-five osteopaths to work in the Olympics polyclinic at London 2012. 

On his non-clinical days Mr Propert is a Senior Lecturer teaching Physiology, Pathology and Osteopathic Practise at the University College of Osteopathy. He also has roles at the General Osteopathic Council serving as practice mentor, revalidation assessor, fitness to practice assessor and reviewer of non-UK qualifications. 

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Expert in: Osteopathy

Alessia is a traditionally trained Italian Osteopath who completed her Master's degree in London. 

Pain management strategies and complete understanding of injuries for patients are vital, in Alessia’s opinion. The speed at which a patient heals is partially dependant upon how that patient understands what is actually wrong with them. Alessia will pin down likely diagnoses and rapid recovery treatment plans for amazing results.

As a ex - competitive cyclist her experience in this field is respected and whilst obstetrics, paediatrics, well woman health, athletics and sports injuries are the mainstays of her practice, Alessia welcomes patients from all walks of life. 

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Expert in: Osteopathy

Guy has been running an Osteopathic practice in Camden for 20 years and has built his reputation on a commitment to help every patient get the best out of life.

Guy received a BSc Hons from the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy in 1998. Guy has a holistic approach and is keen to work closely with the individual to optimise health and wellbeing. Guy uses his assessment to build a personalized treatment plan based on the needs of each patient. 

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Expert in: Osteopathy
Paediatric Osteopathy

Anna is the newest addition to the Guy Gold team. Originally from Germany, she graduated from the
British School of Osteopathy in 2010 with a Masters in Osteopathy.
She has since worked at both London NHS surgeries and private sports clinics where she saw all
patients from new-born to old age, office workers to high-level martial artists.
Anna has a structural approach to musculoskeletal pain with a strong interest in visceral and cranial
osteopathy while incorporating rehabilitation.
For her, structural treatment includes musculoskeletal as well as, visceral, cranial structures and
functional assessments to help inform her 3D understanding of the area of pain or dysfunction and
putting that in context of the whole body. Anna regularly attends CPD courses in these fields
especially looking in depth at the pelvis, abdomen, diaphragm and newborn paediatrics.
By incorporating the different styles of osteopathic treatment modalities she has a holistic
understanding of her patients and their presenting symptoms. She is passionate in giving them her
best care and feels privileged to work in a truly wonderful profession that allows her to get her
patients back to doing the things they love as soon as possible.

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Expert in: Osteopathy
Paediatric Osteopathy

Camilla Murphy is an Osteopath who specialises in treating patients using cranial osteopathy, a technique that seeks to correct disturbances in and around the skull, as well as throughout the entire body. She uses a holistic approach in her practice, considering diet, exercise and lifestyle in her management plans.

Camilla treats patients with a wide variety of biomechanical complaints from common back pain to temporomandibular joint disorders, tinnitus and sleep apnoea. She also specialises in treating patients suffering from issues of scarring and tension after thoracic, abdominal or gynaecological surgery.

In addition to her treatment of all adult patients, Camilla sub-specialises in treating women, preparing them for conception, pregnancy and labour. This work focuses on supporting women as their bodies change and adapt during pregnancy and to prepare both mother and the fetus for labour. Beyond this, Camilla also provides treatment for babies, children and teenagers.

Alongside her practice of cranial osteopathy, Camilla is also very keen on nutrition and the effects our diets can have on our overall health. She can provide advice about different food intolerances and allergies as well as provide dietary supplements as may be required.

Camilla is currently practising with Posture Dynamics, who are based in the London area.

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Expert in: Osteopathy

Ms Maxine Hamilton Stubber is a Life Consultant specialising in osteopathy, psychotherapy and meditation. She has over 20 years’ clinical experience, working with patients to improve their mental and physical health and wellbeing. She has worked for WOW We Own Wellbeing for 21 years, working as an Integral Life Consultant in London and currently working at Buckingham Palace whereby she treats patients.

Ms Stubber has a BSc in Osteopathy and attained an MSc in Obstetrics, Clinical Neuroanatomy and Advanced Integrated Systems at European School of Osteopathy. She has also studied at Spectrum College Humanistic Psychotherapy and Resonance Academy Unified Physics. Additionally, she previously worked at Harley Street as an Osteopath from 2007 until 2010.

Ms Stubber has volunteered at Chickenshed Theatre on the Steering Committee K&C. Alongside her clinical work, she also conducts seminars on Proactive Health and Wellbeing utilising her expert knowledge.


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