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Expert in: Cardiology
Interventional Cardiology

Dr Henriksen qualified in medicine from Edinburgh University in 1996 with a first class intercalated honours degree in neuroscience. He commenced clinical training in Edinburgh and London before being awarded a Wellcome Trust Clinical Training Fellowship leading to a PhD examining mechanisms of injury and repair in atherosclerosis - the cause of angina and heart attacks. He completed his cardiology training in Edinburgh with sub-specialty expertise in percutaneous coronary intervention (balloon and stent treatment for coronary arteries) and is currently Cardiac Catheter Lab director at Edinburgh Heart Centre.

He works between the Western General Hospital and Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh and specialises in complex stenting procedures for  coronary arteries including primary angioplasty treatment for acute heart attacks, opening up arteries that are completely blocked (chronic total occlusions), coronary physiology and intravascular imaging. He welcomes all general cardiology referrals and has additional expertise in CT coronary angiography and management of the heart in patients receiving cancer treatment (cardio-oncology).

He leads an active research program with previous studies examining novel treatments to reduce heart muscle injury during heart attack. The Cardiac CARE study is examining new approaches to monitor and prevent heart muscle injury in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.

Dr Henriksen recognises the importance of a patient centred approach to cardiac problems. This may involve sophisticated investigation and treatment but he believes that clear explanation and outline of all treatment options are key to meeting the patient's needs and concerns.

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