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Best Consultant Allergists in Birmingham, UK

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Expert in: Paediatrics (children's doctor)
Recommended by 3 specialists
24 years of experience
Paediatric Gastroenterology , Paediatric Respiratory Medicine , Allergy Medicine + 2 more

Dr Dinkar Bakshi is a Consultant in Child Health and Allergy.  He runs a popular and busy practice with patients from all parts of the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Dr Bakshi is often asked to give a second opinion and review the management of complex medical problems. Parents/ patients have a warm relationship wih him and are involved in decision making. Dr Bakshi accepts referrals for all acute and chronic problems in children. For allergy related problems, he accepts referrals for both adults and children.

Dr Bakshi is the lead clinician at the WellKid Clinic and British Allergy Clinic, with branches in Harley Street London & Birmingham . He completed his specialist training in General Paediatrics in the London Deanery and an MSc in Allergy at Imperial College London. He has trained in the best teaching hospitals including Great Ormond Street Hospital for children and The Royal London Hospital. He was previously a Consultant Paediatrician and clinical lead for  Allergy at Nottingham Children's Hospital and Honorary Consultant in Allergy at St Mary's Hospital, Imperial College London.  Dr Bakshi is one of the few formally trained allergists in the UK. He is an expert in interpreting skin prick tests/ patch tests, food challenges and allergen desensitisation (immunotherapy). Dr Bakshi has expertise in assessing infant feeding issues, eczema and cows' milk allergy

Dr Bakshi has participated in many clinical trials, published extensively in peer-reviewed journals and is an accredited examiner for the Diploma in Child Health Examination. He is the editor of The Online Journal of Clinical Audits. Dr Bakshi is frequently invited to deliver talks and chair meetings, both within the UK and in international conferences.

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Expert in: Paediatrics (children's doctor)
Recommended by 1 specialist
21 years of experience
Paediatric Nephrology , Allergy Medicine , Paediatric Respiratory Medicine + 1 more

Dr Kishor Tewary is a consultant paediatrician specialising in bladder and kidney problems as well as general paediatrics. He has over 3 decades of experience, working in India and in the UK.

Having worked at senior positions abroad and UK, he is privieledged with a varied experience around children's medical issues. His further training includes centres such as Bristol Children's Hospital and Universtiy Hospital Cardiff, during which time he developed a special interest in bladder and kidney problems such as bed wetting, urinary reflux, hydronephrosis and UTI's. After working for NHS for over 2 decades, He now provides his services only for private sector. he is also a 'Honorary Senior Lecturer' at Birmingham University Medical School, and a 'MIMS assessor' at Aston Universit Medical School.

Dr Tewary has an interest in academic research, and has presented at many national and international conferences as well as contributed to peer reviewed journals through his articles and case reports.He has also written an editorial on 'Prevention of UTI' for World Journal of Methodology in 2015.

 Dr Tewary has received awards for his exceptional contribution to the NHS and has also served as 'Associate Professor' at St George's University School of Medicine in Grenada till 2015.


Dr Tewary has made some educational videos for parents which can help:


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