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Product and Technology Team


We have built and designed a first-of-its-kind review intelligence platform for healthcare.

We are incredibly proud that professionals across the industry now use our product and technology to give their patients a voice. As a team, we are always looking ahead to the next milestone. We are committed to continuously driving our product forward to ensure that no patient is ever left unheard.
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Together, we take ideas and transform them into solutions. Combining creativity with science, we are always striving to make our product and technology better.

As a team, we are agile and analytical, working collaboratively with one another and with other Doctify departments to deliver the most effective solutions, designs and features in the most efficient way.

Doctify has a vibrant environment, great team and brilliant product. The culture is amazing and you have many opportunities to learn and improve. Within our team and across departments, we are constantly inspiring one another. We never settle and are always testing, reiterating and improving to deliver a better version of our product.

Ilaria Gatti (Lead Product Designer)

I started at Doctify as a Software QA and have progressed to become a Product Owner. There is a strong feeling of community at Doctify. Everyone is supportive and always works hard to uplift and celebrate others. I’m excited for us to grow into a global leader in healthcare. We’re already on track and it’s fantastic to be a part of.

Alice Stelmachenko (Product Owner)

Doctify goes where there is no path and leaves a trail. Our team has great mentors who guide us, value our opinions and embrace positive change. They put a lot of effort into our wellbeing and maintain a good work-life balance. I work remotely so pair programming has been a great way to build relationships and stay connected.

Anett Balazsics (Full Stack Engineer)

Why join Doctify?

Doctify is a review intelligence platform committed to giving patients a voice in order to drive transparency and improvements across healthcare and social care.

Doctify’s future

Doctify is on a mission to ensure that no patient is left unheard. By 2025, we want Doctify technology to have helped 100 million patients access the best specialists.

Want to join our Product and Technology team?

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