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Andria Calicchio graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa, in 2008. Soon after graduating, she worked for a government hospital in South Africa as part of her community service, where she set up both a NICU feeding clinic and audiology out-patient clinic.  

After working within a private practice in South Africa for 2 years, where she saw both paediatric and adult patients, she decided to move to Dubai. Andria worked at a private medical centre in Dubai for 4 years, focusing on paediatrics and school-based therapy. She has provided one to one sessions, group sessions as well as multi-disciplinary sessions, and classroom-based activities. She has experience in oral-motor therapy, stuttering therapy, auditory processing therapy, visual-auditory based therapy for hearing impaired, and language therapy. She is also certified in interactive metronome and completed levels 1 – 3 of the Orton Gillingham dyslexia program.

Andria’s main focus and passion are on early intervention therapy and inclusion of children with learning difficulties and developmental disorders within mainstream schools. She previously held a position of Head of Schools in which she oversaw all therapy-based interventions within schools, assisted schools with the training of staff and helped develop therapy within mainstream schools within Dubai. Andria’s focus was also on training both teachers and parents in childhood disorders, as well as provided workshops where needed.

Andria bases all therapy and intervention within the importance of the patient’s triad within their life: school/work/environment, family and therapy. She strongly feels that all aspects need to work together in order to fully assist any patient. With a passion for inclusion, Andria is currently completing her masters in inclusive education in Dubai schools, focusing on early years and hearing-impaired learners.

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13 years of experience

Dr Bushra Kassouma is a clinical audiologist with vast experience gained in both Dubai and Syria.

She sees patients at the following locations:

  • American Hospital Dubai
  • American Hospital Al Barsha Clinic
  • American Hospital Jumeirah Clinic

Dr Kassouma gained her BSc in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology from Amman Ahliyya University (Jordan) and received her Post-Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitative Audiology from Queen Margaret University (UK)

She is passionate about delivering holistic care to her patients and provides comprehensive hearing and tinnitus assessments. She also develops personalised treatment plans for individuals with hearing impairment and helps raise community awareness about hearing loss and the importance of early intervention. She is able to fit individuals with the appropriate technology and connect them with other health professionals so that they receive holistic management of their condition.

She offers the following services:

  • Comprehensive hearing evaluations for pediatrics and adults (including electrophysiological testing)
  • Tinnitus assessment and Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT)
  • Hearing aid and cochlear implant fitting
  • Individual Management Planning (IMP) for individuals with hearing impairments
  • Hearing Screening - newborns and school-aged children

Dr Kassouma has previously worked as an audiologist at hearLIFE Clinic, UAE and as an audiologist and head of the hearing program at AAMAL Syrian Organization of the Disabled in Syria.

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