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Orthopaedic Surgery
Knee Surgery, Hip Surgery, Trauma Surgery

Dr Ali Al Belooshi is one of the founders of Orthocure Medical Center in Dubai. He is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in:

  • Hip and knee arthroplasty
  • Orthopaedic trauma surgery
  • Robotic-assisted total and partial knee replacement surgery

Dr Al Belooshi has particular expertise in hip and knee reconstruction using the latest technology. He was the first surgeon in the Middle East to undertake robotic-assisted knee replacement, and he is the primary designer surgeon for the ANTHEM knee system by Smith and Nephew. Additionally, he is the first surgeon in the Middle East to use superpath techniques for hip replacements, allowing for a faster recovery time following surgery.

Dr Al Belooshi gained his medical degree in 1999 from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. He went on to complete his orthopaedic residency programme at the University of Toronto. Additionally, in 2007, he completed clinical fellowships at Mount Sinai Hospital and St Michael Hospital, focusing on adult lower extremity joint reconstruction, revision hip and knee arthroplasty, and hip and knee computer-assisted surgery. During this time, he was also involved in writing publications on hip and knee arthroplasty and bearing surfaces used in hip replacement. He went on to complete an MBA in hospital management in the United States.

He is the current chairman of AO Trauma in the UAE and the vice president of the UAE Orthopedic Society.

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16 years of experience
General Dermatology, Cosmetic Dermatology, Paediatric (Pediatric) Dermatology + 1 more

Dr. Rana Aboutrab is a board-certified dermatologist with a career spanning over 15 years, during which she has managed more than 45,000 cases. Since 2016, she has been a prominent figure in the Dubai medical landscape, gaining the trust and admiration of both local and resident communities. Dr. Rana has expertise in both medical and aesthetic dermatology, offering holistic care for an array of skin conditions.

As a medical dermatologist, Dr. Rana possesses the skills to diagnose and treat diverse skin conditions, including acne, melasma, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and skin cancer. Her patient-centric approach drives her commitment to personalised care. Collaborating closely with her patients, she devises tailored treatment plans that cater to individual needs.

Beyond her proficiency in medical dermatology, Dr. Rana is a trailblazer in aesthetic treatments aimed at fulfilling patients' appearance aspirations. Her extensive experience covers Botox injections, fillers, chemical peels, and laser treatments, renowned for achieving results that exude a natural charm.

Dr. Rana is attuned to the unique skin care needs of various cultures and works diligently to create customised treatment pathways. Her multilingual fluency in English, Arabic, and French facilitates effective communication with patients from diverse backgrounds.

A true professional, Dr. Rana is dedicated to establishing a welcoming and comfortable patient environment. Her dedication to her craft is evident in her pursuit of the latest dermatological advancements and her unwavering dedication to keeping up to date with cutting-edge treatments and technologies, ensuring her patients receive optimal care.

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19 years of experience
Andrology, Endourology, General Urology + 1 more

Dr. Rozh Jalil is a highly skilled and experienced Consultant Urological Surgeon. He specialities include Andrology, Stone disease, Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH), Stone, Prostate disease and Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms and infections.

He has significant expertise in the field of Andrology (men's health), including the medical and surgical management of erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease including penile implant surgery. He also offers ShockWave treatment and PRP( Platelet Rich Plasma) injection for erectile dysfucntion.

Mr Jalil is also an expert in male fertility, having completed specialist training in this area at University College London. Mr Jalil also specialises in managing lower urinary tract disorders via minimally invasive procedures such as GreenLight laser surgery, Urolift surgery, and Rezum therapy.

Prior to joining Mubadala Health in UAE in 2022, Dr Jalil was working as a Consultant Urologist and Andrologist, and leading the male fertility department at King's College Hospital Foundation NHS Trust in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Jalil obtained his Doctorate in Medicine MD(Res) from Imperial College London, UK, in 2014. He has various professional associations, including being a member of the British Association of Urological Surgeons, European Association of Urology and a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons.

Dr. Jalil also has extensive experience in education. He holds a postgraduate diploma in Health and Medical Education, and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. He has published widely on various topics and presented his research at numerous national and international conferences.

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Respiratory Medicine
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35 years of experience
Sleep Medicine

Dr Syed Arshad Husain is a Consultant Pulmonologist at King's College Hospital London, in Dubai, specialising in respiratory medicine and Associate Professor Adjunct Pulmonology at Muhammed Bin Rashid University and Medical school.

Dr Husain has over 30 years of experience working in the UK as part of the National Health Service (NHS) and over 18 years of specialist experience in respiratory medicine.

He completed his primary medical degree in 1988 and became a Member of the Royal College of Physicians, UK in 1996. He later was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, UK and a Fellow of the College of Chest Physicians, USA.

He completed higher specialist training in General Internal Medicine and Elderly Care Medicine in the Oxford region in UK in 2002. He then completed his specialist training and (CCST)certification in Respiratory Medicine in South West region UK in 2005.

Dr Husain has specialist interest and expertise in interventional bronchoscopy and medical thoracoscopy, gained a fellowship at the University of Lille, France in 2005.

For over 15 years, Dr Husain practised as a Consultant Respiratory Physician in the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust. During this time he was also appointed as an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at King's College London. Dr Husain was also a Trust Innovation Lead in the NHS, in this position he started services for Endobronchial Ultrasound-Transbronchial Needle Aspiration Biopsy to diagnose and stage lung cancer and other cancers as well as diagnose tuberculosis, lymphoma and sarcoidosis.

In his current position at King's College Hospital London, Dubai, he sees patients with a range of respiratory conditions, including: severe allergic asthma, chronic persistant cough, COPD, smoking-related lung disease, lung cancer and (ILD)pulmonary fibrosis.

Dr Husain also remained the Training Program Director in Respiratory medicine at the KSS Deanery in UK with experience of the Specialist Training Committee and Specialist Advisory Committee of the Royal College of Physicians in London. He has worked as a trainer and course director for many internationally recognised courses in his field of expertise.

He has also published numerous research papers in international peer-reviewed journals on topics such as Asthma, COVID-19 and COPD, ventilator related Pneumonias


Kings' College Hospital Asthma Masterclass 2023 -

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Dr. Arif Khan is the founder of Neuropedia, which is the first comprehensive children's neuroscience center in the region.

Dr. Arif Khan is a British Board certified Consultant Pediatric Neurologist. After completing his General Pediatric training in the UK, he trained as a Senior registrar in three major tertiary University hospitals including the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, University Hospitals of Leicester and the Queens Medical Center, Nottingham. He was awarded CCT (Completion of Certified Training) in Pediatric Neurology by the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health, following which he took up his Consultant Pediatric Neurologist role in the University Hospitals of Leicester.

At University Hospitals of Leicester, he was the lead clinician for complex epilepsies, Vagal nerve stimulation and ketogenic diet in the region.

Dr. Arif Khan moved to the Middle East in 2015 and was appointed as the Head of Children's services at the American Center for Psychiatric and Neurology. He helped developed a children's neuroscience team at the American Center and worked as a Pediatric neurologist in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. After completing his contractual period with the American Center in 2017, he joined Mediclinic City Hospital in Dubai and The Royal NMC Hospital in Abu Dhabi. He currently continues to provide his services and expertise to these institutions.

Dr. Arif Khan is an avid writer, authoring more than 40 peer-reviewed and public health publications. He has been conducting presentations in various academic seminars and conferences. He was a lecturer for medical students at the University Hospitals of Leicester and has been teaching on the National training courses for Pediatric Epilepsy. His professional memberships include Fellowship of the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health, core member of the European Pediatric Neurology Society and member of the British Pediatric Neurology Association.

He has extensive experience in the management of various childhood neurological conditions such as epilepsy and seizure disorders, headaches and migraines, sleep disorders, neuromuscular conditions, movement disorders, neonatal neurology, cerebrovascular stroke, cerebral palsy, neurometabolic conditions, neurogenetic conditions, neurobehavioural conditions, autism and ADHD.

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13 years of experience
General Dentistry, Endodontics, Aesthetic Dentistry + 2 more

Dr Tracy Boghossian is a General Dentist specialising in Endodontics. She is the owner of Smiline Clinics in Lebanon and also practices as a General Dentist at Happiness Dental Clinic in Dubai. She completed her dental degree at the University of Montreal, a leading Canadian university, in 2010. She later received a Postgraduate Certificate in Endodontics from Saint Joseph University of Beirut, Lebanon in 2013.

Dr Boghossian strives to provide her patients with her unwavering attention and the best possible dental care. She has expertise in all areas of general dentistry, including cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics.

She sees both adults and children at Smiline Clinics and typically performs the following procedures:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental implants
  • Root canal treatment
  • Teeth alignment

Dr Boghossian is passionate about good oral health which drives her to continuously develop her expertise and stay up to date with the latest advancements in dental technology.

She strives to make the experiences of her patients comfortable and stress-free and places the dental health of her patients as her priority.

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Obstetrics & Gynaecology
9 years of experience
Gynaecology, General O&G, Gynaecological Oncology + 2 more

Dr Elie Al Ahmar is a Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology at Emirates Hospitals Group. He specialises in Minimally Invasive Gynaecological Surgery. He is highly specialised in Laparoscopic Hysterectomy, Cystectomy, Myomectomy, Hysteroscopy and laparoscopic fertility treatment.

Dr Al Ahmar completed his studies in medicine in 2014 and pursued his interest in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and in 2018 he finished his specialisation training from the American University of Beirut. He obtained a Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery from Université Libre De Bruxelles where he was trained in Centre Hospitalier Régional (CHR) Liège, Belgium under the supervision of Prof. Michelle Nisolle.

In addition to his other training, Elie also obtained a bachelor in Endoscopy and Minimal Invasive Gynaecology Surgeon certificates from the European Academy of Gynaecological Surgery, as well as a diploma in Obstetrical and Gynecological Ultrasound from Université Catholique de Louvain – Belgium.

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General Medicine
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28 years of experience
Diabetes, Endocrinology

Dr. Zaineb Sabri is an experienced and certified general physician who specialises in treating diabetes and other endocrine disorders. She is currently based at Medcare Hospital in Sharjah and also works part-time as an academic tutor at the College of Medicine at the University of Sharjah, UAE.

Dr Sabri completed her certification in Australia, the UK, and the UAE after studying medicine in Iraq. She gained her MBChB from the College of Medicine at Baghdad University in 1995 followed by her MRCP and PGDip in Endocrinology and Diabetes (Queen Mary University).

She is a member of both the Iraqi Doctor Medical Association and the Royal College of Physicians.

Dr Sabri treats various conditions such as hypertension, metabolic syndrome, thyroid disorders, fatty liver disease, dyslipidemia, and diabetes. She has expert skills in diagnosing patients and has treated patients ranging from all age groups throughout her career.

Her specialist interests are:

  • chronic medical conditions including:
  • hypertension
  • lipid problems
  • diabetes,
  • endocrine problems,
  • vitamin deficiencies in adults
  • investigation and management of asthma and related allergies.

Additionally, she is able to inform and educate her patients on lifestyle changes to improve their health and conduct annual checkups including suggestions of preventive vaccines. She also performs well women checkups and screenings.

When she is not working, Dr. enjoys watching television, reading, cooking, or spending time gardening. She speaks both Arabic and English.

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Orthopaedic Surgery
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22 years of experience
Children's Orthopaedic Surgery, Foot Surgery

Dr Assad Qureshi was born and raised in London, where he studied medicine at the world-renowned Guy's Hospital. He undertook his advanced surgical training in the East Midlands and received his Certificate of Completion of Training (Board Certification) in Trauma and Orthopaedics in 2016. He then completed the prestigious National Fellowship in Paediatric Orthopaedics at Sheffield Children's Hospital. He was appointed at the University Hospitals of Leicester as the first orthopaedic consultant solely dedicated to paediatric orthopaedics, where he ran a tertiary service for complex cases referred from across the East Midlands. He has more than 15 years of orthopaedic experience, including over 8 years as a full-time paediatric orthopaedic surgeon treating complex deformities in children.

Dr Assad places emphasis on patient-centred care with treatment plans tailored to the specific needs of the individual patient. He is first and foremost a Paediatric Orthopedic Surgeon delivering focussed speciality care for the following disorders:

  • Developmental hip dysplasia and Paediatric hip disorders - slipped upper femoral epiphysis, Perthes disease.
  • Gait disorders and deformity in Cerebral palsy and neuromuscular disorders
  • Paediatric foot deformity including clubfeet, flat feet and high arched feet
  • Limb reconstruction for congenital and post-traumatic deformity
  • Paediatric complex trauma and fracture management.

Hip disorders - As a Consultant, Dr Assad advanced single-stage hip reconstruction with open reduction and concurrent deformity correction for developmental hip dysplasia with excellent outcomes. He has extensive experience of surgical treatment for residual hip dysplasia. He set up the "one stop" neonatal hip dysplasia clinic where patients have their hip ultrasound and treatment with Pavlik harness (if indicated) on the same day. Dr Assad is a keen proponent of early containment surgery for Perthes disease and offers patient specific evidence based treatment for slipped upper femoral epiphysis.

Neurmomuscular deformity - Dr Assad has a keen interest in the orthopaedic management of cerebral palsy. He is an active member of the British Society for Surgery in Cerebral Palsy and offers comprehensive surgical treatment for hip migration, deformity and gait optimisation. Dr Assad favours hip reconstruction over other salvage procedures for hip migration in cerebral palsy. He sat on the regional MDT panel for instrumented gait analysis case discussion where he would review the data analysis from clinical cases to generate treatment recommendations for patients with gait disorders. Dr Assad undertakes single event multi level surgery (SEMLS) to comprehensively address deformity and muscle imbalance in walking children with cerebral palsy.

Paediatric Foot deformity - Dr Assad has a strong background in treating paediatric foot deformity such as clubfeet. He firmly believes in using cast treatment to slowly stretch and correct deformities so that less surgery is required. He has extensive experience of treating recurrent, relapsed and complex clubfeet in addition to neuromuscular foot deformity with good outcomes. Painful flat feet in teenagers are a significant part of his practice where he offers biological surgical reconstruction (rather than fusion or implants) for patients who still have symptoms despite physiotherapy and orthotic provision.

Limb deformity - Dr Assad undertakes the full complement of limb reconstruction techniques for patients with limb deformity. He undertakes complex circular frame treatment of patients with limb shortening as well as internal fixation techniques for deformity. His expertise with both internal and external fixation ensures that patients receive the most appropriate treatment to achieve comprehensive deformity correction. Dr Assad has excellent outcomes following guided growth treatment for children with lower limb deformities where growth potential can be used to correct deformity with minimal surgical intervention.

To devise patient-specific surgical treatment, Dr Assad uses every diagnostic tool at his disposal including radiographic deformity analysis, 3D virtual modelling, instrumented gait analysis, and pedobarography. He strongly values patient communication, support, and detailed discussion of proposed surgical treatment, potential surgical alternatives, and expected outcomes following treatment. He works with a multidisciplinary paediatric team that includes physiotherapy, rehabilitation medicine, pediatric neurology, and orthotic services.




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18 years of experience
General Urology, Andrology, Endourology + 1 more

Dr Shawket Alkhayal is a consultant urologist and andrologist with over 25 years' experience in the field. He is based at Novomed Men's Health Clinic (part of Novomed Centres) where he treats a wide range of urological conditions including prostate enlargement, erectile dysfunction, kidney stones, Peyronie's disease, urinary incontinence, infertility and varicocele.

He graduated from Baghdad University College of Medicine in 1991 and completed an internship before relocating to the United Kingdom to undertake further training. In 2004, he received his master's degree in urology from University College London and was awarded a fellowship in urology in 2008 from the Royal College of Surgeons.

Dr Alkhayal has spent time as a lecturer at Sussex University Medical School and an honorary consultant at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals. He has also been the head of the urology department at Benenden Hospital, Kent. In 2013, he moved to Dubai and became a consultant urologist and department head at the American Hospital Dubai. He then established Al Khayal Medical Centre for Urology and Andrology at Dubai Healthcare City which later merged with Novomed Centres to provide high-quality healthcare to men of all ages.

He is a member of the European Association of Urology, the European Society of Sexual Medicine, and the International Continence Society.

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