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As a Sales team, we are committed to sharing the Doctify mission far and wide.
We build and nurture relationships with healthcare decision-makers wanting to give their patients a voice. We ensure that from the very beginning of their Doctify journey, they have the support, knowledge and guidance that they need to have the very best experience with us.
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We are a courageous and committed team who are invested in the growth of Doctify.
Everyday, we challenge and encourage one another to unlock our full potential. Our team is always thinking big. Together, we are working towards achieving our mission of ensuring that no patient is ever left unheard across the globe.
My role has evolved so much since I’ve joined Doctify. There are plenty of opportunities to grow and learn. The support you receive and the culture make it a great place to work. I like the people around me and the culture we have built. It is also an exciting time to be working in healthtech, with many innovations happening globally.

Densil Alexander (UAE Individual Sales Team Leader)

Since joining Doctify, I have learned a lot and been promoted to Team Lead for Enterprise in the UAE. Everyone is welcoming and truly pushes you to succeed. For any challenge you face, there’s a team behind you with 10 solutions. I love feeling like I’m making a difference, helping to shape the future of healthcare.

Katrina Klothilde MacDonald (UAE Enterprise Team Lead)

Doctify has allowed me to progress my career, giving me the flexibility to find my best path, which is now in individual sales. Doctify trusts its employees to get the work done and rewards them for their independence and accountability. Being in the individual sales team, I get a great boost every time we sign a new doctor.

George Skinner (Consultant Partnership Manager)

Why join Doctify?

Doctify is a review intelligence platform committed to giving patients a voice in order to drive transparency and improvements across healthcare and social care.

Doctify’s future

Doctify is on a mission to ensure that no patient is left unheard. By 2025, we want Doctify technology to have helped 100 million patients access the best specialists.

Want to join our Sales team?

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