King’s College Hospital Dubai

State-of-the-art medical care

Prepare for your visit – Everything you need to know

King’s College Hospital Dubai offers local access to world-class treatment and employs teams of leading medical professionals. Around a third of their clinical staff, including every departmental head, have attended King’s College Hospital London, the trusted British teaching hospital, or one of its UK partner hospitals, and many have worked in the British National Health Service for years. King’s College Hospital Dubai provides healthcare to the entire family, covering simple and complex conditions. It delivers expert consultations, diagnostic tests, treatments and recovery support, and the close links between it and its sister facility, London’s Kings College Hospital, means referrals to Britain’s capital are easy to arrange.

Everything they do here is done according to best practice, and everyone concerned has a strong desire to put the health outcomes of patients first.  This hospital is determined to remain one of the region’s most trusted integrated healthcare providers thanks to the very best in British clinical care plus an exceptionally good patient experience. Their policies, procedures and practices reflect more than 175 years of experience providing top-quality care and making world-leading clinical outcomes happen. In fact their doctors

Top procedures and stand-out features

  • A comprehensive A – Z of specialities including dentistry, cardiology, ENT and various surgeries
  • Home healthcare services in the comfort of your own home, including nursing and midwifery
  •  24/7 emergency hospital department
  • Family medical centre
  • Children’s services
  • General surgery
  • Pain clinic
  • Plastic surgery
  • Psychiatry

They also have a secure online patient portal for you to register with. It lets you access and review your medical records, get your lab test results and manage your own appointments.

Special Offers

This hospital makes regular special offers, providing things like complimentary Well Mum and Baby Clinics, free cervical screening, special offers on vital health packages.

Kings College Hospital Dubai addresses

Kings College Hospital has four different facilities:  

  • Dubai Hills Hospital, Alkhail Road, MArabea’ East Exit
  • Dubai Marina Medical Centre, The Residences at Marina Gate 1, Floor 1
  • Dubai Jumeirah Medical Centre, Al Kharbash Building 2nd Floor, Billqetair Stree (37B Street), Umm Suqeim 1
  • Abu Dhabi Medical and Surgical Centre, Podium 2, Shining Towers, Khalidiyah, Abu Dhabi