Canadian Specialist Hospital Dubai

Specialised diagnostic and treatment facilities

Prepare for your visit – Everything you need to know

The Canadian Specialist Hospital is one of the biggest private hospitals in Dubai, a centre for specialist diagnosis and treatment. One of the most advanced hospitals in the region, it offers cutting edge technology and teams of world-class medical experts. Created by Mr. Mohammad Rashid Al Falasi, its diagnostic, curative and rehabilitative services meet the highest international standards.  Many of the area’s small and medium-sized hospitals and clinics refer patients here, which has made it one of the most advanced and comprehensive healthcare institutions in Dubai.

The Canadian Specialist Hospital provides a wide range of services, and is home to some of Dubai’s best medical facilities and technologies.  A flair for continuous development and ongoing generous investment in technology, plus considerable medical expertise and great support facilities, make this a very good choice. Their values say it all. This hospital is dedicated to patient satisfaction and safety. It respects all beliefs and does everything possible to provide customer-centred services at a fair cost. Add a good dash of compassion at every stage in the patient journey and you’ll find the experience a pleasure.

Stand-out features and top procedures

This place provides a huge range of treatments and care, falling within five specialities:

  • Medical services including physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • Surgical services, general and specialist
  • Dental services including peridontics, preventative dentistry, and maxillofacial surgery
  • Critical Care services including ICU, CCU. Neonatal intensive care and emergency services
  • Diagnostics, including a pharmacy and a clinical laboratory

Health packages

Take advantage of a large collection of tailored health packages:

  • Antenatal packages
  • Cervical Screening package
  • Baby delivery packages
  • Diabetes care package
  • Fatty liver testing
  • Complete check-ups
  • Executive Health Check package
  • Prostate Screening package
  • Osteoporosis Check package

CSH Dubai specialities

Providing care across a huge A to Z of services, from anaesthetics through cardiology and ophthalmology to vascular surgery, the Canadian Specialist Hospital even has an American Heart Association International Training Centre on-site, where you can take a life-saver course if you wish.

Medical tourism at the Canadian Specialist Hospital

This hospital has a dedicated international team to deal with medical tourists from all over the world, a service that operates from start to finish and support you all the way. The International Team makes the arrangements for you and your family, handling everything from your visa and accommodation to consultancy and admission, and transport by ambulance or air ambulance. They can even provide a translator for you.

Canadian Specialist Clinic Dubai address

Abu Hail Road, Behind Ministry of Environment and Water, P.O Box: 15881, Dubai.