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Best Rheumatology clinics in Dubai - Mina Jebel AliJebel Ali Freezone - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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Mediclinic Ibn Battuta

China Court,Ibn Battuta Mall, The Gardens - 7.68 kilometers

Mediclinic Ibn Battuta

China Court,Ibn Battuta Mall, The Gardens - 7.68 kilometers
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Paediatrics

Do you need expertise you can trust? You'll appreciate our beautiful, spotless, warm and welcoming clinic, an ultra-modern space designed with patient comfort and enjoyment in mind. Mediclinic Ibn Battuta is a fully equipped multi-speciality clinic in the Ibn Battuta Mall. We provide a broad range of family medicine as well as high levels of expertise in a number of popular medical specialities, and that means you're in very capable hands. We're actually part of the respected Mediclinic International plc organisation which is fortunate to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. Our umbrella company has three private healthcare operating divisions, one in Switzerland, two in South Africa and Namibia, and Ibn Battuta here in the UAE. We also have a 29.9% interest in the UK's Spire Healthcare Group plc, also LSE-listed and another prestigious partner.

Rigorous science sits at the heart of everything we do here, and we are dedicated to improving the lives of patients via state-of-the-art treatments and technologies, all taking place in an evidence-based environment. Our health knowledge is second to none and we provide a broad range of services. To add to all this we are proud to be a key centre for medicine-related courses and events, including some that are open to the public and others designed for health professionals. Our A to Z of specialities includes dentistry and dermatology, ENT, gastroenterology, general surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, paediatrics, a pharmacy, rheumatology, physiotherapy and radiology.

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What is Rheumatology? 

Rheumatology is a subspecialty of internal medicine and paediatrics. It covers the many autoimmune diseases and heritable connective tissue disorders of the joints and soft tissues. Involving the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disease and autoimmune problems, there’s no surgery involved.

The discipline also involves researching the underlying causes of these diseases and using the results of their analyses to improve treatments. You’ll find a rheumatology department in most outpatient clinics and other rheumatology specialists on the wards, potentially seeing people with any of more than a hundred different conditions.  

What procedures can you find at a Rheumatology clinic? 

  • Physical examinations 
  • X-rays, musculoskeletal ultrasound, CT scans and MRI scans  
  • Laboratory tests 
  • Treatment with medicines and drugs
  •  Biopsies, including synovial and muscle biopsies 
  • Injections into the soft tissues and joints, for example steroid injections for tennis elbow
  • Spinal injections 

What should you expect at a Rheumatology clinic?

Rheumatic diseases are often complex, so are challenging to diagnose. Your rheumatologists will take your medical history, and examine your entire body for the signs and symptoms of inflammation. They’ll also ask about your family history, review the results of the tests you’ve had, and ask about your medications. If you need more tests they’ll combine the results with everything else to pin down the source of your symptoms and create a tailored treatment plan. You might be given medicines, referred for physical therapy or to another specialist. Your rheumatologist can also provide expert advice about coping mechanisms, ideas to stop things getting worse, ways to get full function back, and techniques to improve your well-being as a whole.