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Best Ophthalmologists in The Palm Jumeirah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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Building 37 - 26th St - Umm Hurair 2Dubai Healthcare City - Dubai - United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates - 22.60 kilometers
Mediclinic City Hospital - 22.60 kilometers
Building 37 - 26th St - Umm Hurair 2Dubai Healthcare City - Dubai - United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates
Glaucoma, Cataracts

Dr Anupama Rao is a consultant ophthalmologist working at Mediclinic in Dubai. Dr Rao specialises in the analysis, management and surgical processes of anterior segment ailments of the eye. She regularly sees patients for the treatment of various eye conditions, including cataracts and glaucoma, as well as refractive surgery.

Dr Rao has over 18 years of experience, working in India prior to moving to the UAE. Dr Rao completed her Fellowship at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, UK. She trained in Phacoemulsification (sutureless cataract surgery) at the well-known Bombay City Eye Institute. She then went on to complete her observership in Glaucoma at Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai, one of the leading Ophthalmic Institutes in India. Dr Rao has also trained in IntraLASIK surgery at several centres in India and the United States.

Dr Rao is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the European Society of Cataract and Refractive surgeons.

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Building No. 52, Dubai - Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Dubai - 22.70 kilometers
Orbit Eye Center - 22.70 kilometers
Building No. 52, Dubai - Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Dubai
24 years of experience
Eye Problems, Vision Problems, Astigmatism, Eye Test + 14 more

Dr. Walid M. Abdalla (MD, FRCS, ICO)

- Consultant Ophthalmologist
- Pediatric Ophthalmologist
- SStrabismus / Squint Specialist & Oculoplastic Surgeon

  • Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons, Glasgow, UK
  • Fellow of Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami, USA
  • Fellow of Limoges University, France
  • Fellow of International Council of Ophthalmology
  • Bachelor in Medicine and General Surgery and Master’s Degree in Ophthalmology from the Faculty of Medicine Alexandria University

Dr. Walid completed his Bachelor Degree in Medicine and General Surgery from the Alexandria University Faculty of Medicine, one of the leading Medical Schools in Egypt; followed by a Master Degree in Ophthalmology from the same medical school after three years of residency. In 2002 he became a member of the International Council of Ophthalmology in Cambridge, UK. In 2004, he completed his fellowship in the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow UK. He obtained a training fellowship from Limoges University in France for Pediatric Ophthalmology & Oculoplasty in the year 2007-2008 and he also obtained fellowship training from Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami, Florida; which is ranked as the No. 1 Ophthalmic Institute for the last 10 years in the USA in 2010. Over the past years, Dr. Walid worked in several countries in the region, building and developing pediatric ophthalmology & Oculoplatic departments in many leading eye centers in the Middle East.

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Near Movenpick Hotel - Oud Metha Rd, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 0000 - 22.15 kilometers
American Hospital Dubai - 22.15 kilometers
Near Movenpick Hotel - Oud Metha Rd, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 0000
17 years of experience
Eye Problems, Cataract Surgery, Glaucoma, Dry Eye Syndrome + 23 more

Know all about Dr Mustafa:

Whatsapp Msg only: +971-563009234

Dr. Mustafa graduated in Medicine with a Commendation from the UK and undertook his residency in General Ophthalmology in the UK. He has completed training in UK and part of it has been in prestigious Eye Hospitals such as Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital (Dublin) and Moorfields Eye Hospital, London. He is a certified Consultant in the UK having worked there previously.

He has trained thoroughly in General Ophthalmology and undertook his fellowship training in Adult and Paediatric (Childhood) Glaucoma at Manchester University Hospital and Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, UK, working under eminent clinicians within the Glaucoma fraternity.

He has worked in the UAE since 9 years as a formative Consultant Ophthalmologist at Moorfields UAE for 9 years and now is the Director of Ophthalmology Services at American Hospital Dubai with a formidable Ophthalmic practice and Healthcare Executive Leadership experience. 

Additionally he is Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor at Mohammed Bin Rashid University and is a keen teacher for medical students. 

He is a Certified Aviation Ophthalmologist with the General Civil Aviation Authority having treated many Aviators medically & surgically for eye conditions.

He can diagnose glaucoma in its earliest stages using the latest diagnostic techniques such as Visual field analysis, Ocular Coherence Tomography, Goldman Applanation Tonometry and Corneal mapping parameters.

He has treated complex and advanced glaucoma using the latest surgical techniques such as the use of Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgical devices, Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty, Endocyclophotocoagulation, Glaucoma drainage devices as well as Trabeculectomy using the Moorfields Safer Surgical Techniques. He is also an experienced Cataract surgeon especially in patients with Glaucoma.

He has also undertaken further training in Refractive Surgery (LASIK, LASEK, PRK) and Premium IOL FemtoLaser Cataract Surgery at Moorfields Eye Hospital London. He has attained a Postgraduate Diploma in Cataract and Refractive Surgery from UK and can offer treatments for potential glasses independence using the latest and safest technological advances.

In addition to his Advanced Glaucoma and Cataract practice, he also has good experience in management of Diabetic Retinopathy and Medical Retina.

He is a Member of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists in London and has gained fellowships from the European and United Kingdom boards in Ophthalmology. In addition he is a Post Graduate in Healthcare Executive Leadership.

His main research interests include compliance and the safety of glaucoma medications, efficacy and safety outcomes of the latest surgical techniques in glaucoma, including microdrainage devices, and simulation teaching of cataract surgery and ocular ultrasound. He has published extensively in peer reviewed journals. He is an active member of the Emirates Sociaety of Ophthalmology and Head of the Glaucoma Committee in UAE. He has presented his extensive work at international and national meetings.

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Al Razi Building 64, Block C, 1st Floor, Unit 1017, Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 22.48 kilometers
The Eye Consultants - 22.48 kilometers
Al Razi Building 64, Block C, 1st Floor, Unit 1017, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Cataract Surgery, Cataracts, Corneal Disease, Eye Infection + 6 more

Dr. Nadire Erdogan Dib is a Board Certified Consultant Ophthalmologist and also a comprehensively trained Ophthalmic Surgeon with a wide range of expertise in Cornea, Anterior Segment and Oculoplastic Surgery and works with advanced technology and technique.

Dr. Erdogan Dib has more than 15 years of experience in Ophthalmology.

During her years prior to moving to Dubai, she worked at Kocaeli Government Hospital in Turkey where she treated all kinds of ocular problems until joining Basel University in Switzerland for a clinical fellowship program. She has gained great experience in surgery and related fields throughout these years. During her career in Switzerland, she attended courses with different institutions in Europe where she extended her knowledge and expertise.

Her background has been further expanded and complemented with the exposure and expertise developed while pursuing the clinical fellowship program within the Ophthalmology department of Basel University one of the most prestigious hospital in Europe. She has been practicing in Dubai since 2016.

Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments

  • General Ophthalmology Consultation in children and adults
  • Cornea and Ocular Surface Diseases
  • Refractive Surgery (such as LASIK, ultra-LASIK, PRK )
  • Cataract Surgery (Phacoemulsification)
  • Diagnosis and Management of the Retinal Disease (Medical Retina)
  • Glaucoma (High Ocular Pressure)
  • Oculoplastic Surgery (eye lids, lacrimal system)
  • Ocular Trauma
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Building 27, Block B, Clinic 402, Dubai Healthcare City, United Arab Emirates, Dubai - 10.35 kilometers
Laser Eye Care and Research Center - 10.35 kilometers
Building 27, Block B, Clinic 402, Dubai Healthcare City, United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Vision Problems, Eye Problems, Cataract Surgery, Cataracts + 4 more

Dr. Ahmed Al Moatasem is a proactive doctor and continuously offers the latest techniques when it comes to the vision correct field.

Numerous researches have been published by Dr. Ahmed on corneal diseases, which was published in medical journals in Europe and America. He specialises in Cornea , Refractive , Cataract, and Keratoconus.

Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments
  • Cornea operations
  • Refractive surgeries
  • Cataracts
  • Keratoconus

  • Cornea
  • Refractive surgeries
  • Cataracts
  • Keratoconus
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Jumeirah Terrace Building 107, 2nd December Street,, Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 19.06 kilometers
JTS Medical Center - 19.06 kilometers
Jumeirah Terrace Building 107, 2nd December Street,, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Degeneration, Macular Haemorrhage, Mole Removal + 4 more

Dr Chidamber Srinivas is a specialist Ophthalmologist and is widely considered to be one of the best in Dubai. His special interest is in managing Vitreo-retinal diseases and ocular immunology in addition to General Ophthalmology. He is well known for his expertise in the diagnosis and management of diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration.

Prior to joining JTS Medical Centre, Dr Srinivas was working as a Specialist Ophthalmologist with City Centre Clinic practising Medical Retina & General Ophthalmology.

Dr Srinivas previously practised at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, India as Head of the Department in the 90s. After moving to Al Nadha Hospital, Rewi in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman in 1995 he was part of the ophthalmology team that started Vitreo-Retinal services.  He played a similar role in establishing a Vitreo-Retinal Department at The Welcare hospital, Dubai in 1998. Subsequently, in 2006, he also played a pivotal role in starting an autonomous Welcare Eye Clinic in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC). A further list of his set-up initiatives includes the setting up of an eye department at the City Hospital, Dubai in 2008, and Vitreo-Retinal services at the Mediclinic Dubai Mall in 2010 among others.

Dr Chidamber completed his initial medical training (MBBS) from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal in India, before completing his Masters (DOMS & MS) in Ophthalmology from the same college. He began his career as a Vitreo-Retinal consultant after completing his Vitreo-Retinal Fellowship from The Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. He has been undertaking Vitreo-Retinal cases, including cases that involve Vitreo Retina Surgery since 1988, and is extremely experienced in his field, with great satisfaction from his patients.

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Ibn Sina Building,Block D, Building # 27 Street # 26، Dubai Health Care City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 22.95 kilometers
Sharif Eye Centers - 22.95 kilometers
Ibn Sina Building,Block D, Building # 27 Street # 26، Dubai Health Care City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Eye Test, Laser Eye Surgery, Astigmatism, Blepharitis + 13 more

Dr. Sami Imam is a Consultant Ophthalmologist with 15 years of experience in the treatment and management of eye conditions. 

Dr. Sami is a Member of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists in Edinburgh UK, and a Fellow of the International Council of Ophthalmology in London UK.

Dr. Sami has got his special interest in Laser Refractive Surgery during his internship in Baylor Medical College in Texas United States of America, and during his practicing years in Sharif Eye Centers. He also has a special interest in Medical Pediatric Ophthalmology. 

He has since treated a range of complicated refractive conditions including hypermetropia, astigmatism, and myopia. He is well known for utilising cutting-edge technology including Contoura, UltraLASIK and PRK for refractive surgery. 

Dr. Imam has much knowledge and expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of refractive eye problems, chalazion, styes, diabetic retinopathy, Keratoconus, and corneal cross-linking.

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Jumeirah Terrace Building 107, 2nd December Street,, Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 19.06 kilometers
JTS Medical Center - 19.06 kilometers
Jumeirah Terrace Building 107, 2nd December Street,, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Eye Problems, Age Related Macular Degeneration, Amniotic Membrane Transplant, Astigmatism + 39 more

Dr. Sathish is a Specialist Ophthalmologist in Dubai. He completed his DOMS & MS (Ophthalmology) after obtaining his initial medical training (MBBS Degree). He began his career in 1986 upon completing his Postgraduate degree at the OEU Institute of Ophthalmology in Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, India, which was then the pre-eminent training institute in the region. This means he has over 35 years experience in his field, making him an expert.

Dr. Sathish’s service also includes 9 years as a Professor and Head of Institute. He gained extensive experience and improved his medical acumen in both clinical & surgical fields, especially in those related to Anterior segment, Paediatric Ophthalmology & Oculoplasty.

In addition to his practice, Dr. Sathish is very active in research, and has published and presented over 60 papers, and delivered numerous guest lectures in national and international conferences and symposiums, along with the privilege of being a Consultant Editor of BJO South Asia Edition.

While in Muscat in 2000-01, Dr. Sathish worked as a Senior Specialist in charge of Paediatric Ophthalmology & Oculoplasty. Prior to joining JTS Medical Centre, he worked with the Welcare Hospital, Dubai since 2001 and City Centre Clinic since 2014.

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Building 27, Block B, Clinic 402, Dubai Healthcare City, United Arab Emirates, Dubai - 10.35 kilometers
Laser Eye Care and Research Center - 10.35 kilometers
Building 27, Block B, Clinic 402, Dubai Healthcare City, United Arab Emirates, Dubai
33 years of experience
Glaucoma, Age Related Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Mole Removal + 2 more

Dr. Anwar Hamdan Sajwani is a very well known and an experienced consultant ophthalmologist with over 32 years experience. Born in Sharjah his career start as a medical student in Cairo.

Dr Sajwani proceeded to work and study at the esteemed Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital, Dublin and at the Southern General Hospital, Glasgow. Later, he enrolled to study vitreo-retinal medical surgery at Quinze Vingts Hospital, Paris.

On returning to Dubai Dr Sajwani became the pioneer specialist in the UAE to perform vitreo-retinal medical surgery. He was top of the division of ophthalmology at Dubai Hospital and was a senior speaker at Dubai Medical College. Preceding his tenure at the Dubai London Clinic he was head of the vitreo-retinal Unit at Dubai Hospital. 

Dr Sajwani was the first eye doctor to be awarded the UAE's Sheikh Rashid Prize of Excellence for a Doctorate in 1995. He also currently serves as the Vice President of the Ophthalmology Society of the Emirates Medical Association.

Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments
  • Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment
  • Glaucoma Treatment
  • Retinal Detachment
  • Glaucoma
  • Retinal Detachment
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Building 27, Block B, Clinic 402, Dubai Healthcare City, United Arab Emirates, Dubai - 10.35 kilometers
Laser Eye Care and Research Center - 10.35 kilometers
Building 27, Block B, Clinic 402, Dubai Healthcare City, United Arab Emirates, Dubai
23 years of experience
Astigmatism, Eye Problems, Implantable Contact Lens, Laser Eye Surgery + 3 more

Dr Med Bertram Meyer is specialist in Refractive Surgeries. 

He is a Scientific Board Member Of Carl-Zeiss – Meditec and certified in Ophthalmology on German Board.

Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments
  • Refractive laser eye surgery with SMILE and Femto-Lasik
  • Refractive corneal surgeries
  • Implant for correction of presbyopia
  • Aesthetic ophthalmology including eyelid surgeries & wrinkle treatment
  • Myopia
  • Hyperopia
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia
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What is Ophthalmology?

There are several types of eye doctors. Ophthalmology, which is carried out by an Ophthalmologist, involves diagnosing and treating a wide range of eye disorders. This requires detailed knowledge about ophthalmic optics, the structure of the eye, the eyes’ function, and the many eye diseases and associated neurological systems involved. Your Ophthalmologist will also have all the necessary microsurgery skills. 

An Optician handles eye testing, spectacles, lenses, and contact lenses, also tasked with identifying a range of common eye diseases. They don’t diagnose or treat patients. An Optometrist, on the other hand, is a Doctor of Optometry with a DO degree, someone who conducts eye examinations and writes prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses, sometimes identifying and prescribing treatments for eye issues and diseases. Ophthalmologists are the most skilled of all. They are fully-trained doctors who specialise in eye disorders and diseases, with all the skills and experience needed to carry out an Optometrist’s job plus the ability to perform eye surgery. If you have eye problems you will see the most appropriate person for your condition. 

When should you see an Ophthalmologist?

You should see an Ophthalmologist when you’re due a comprehensive eye examination. For under 40s that means every 2-3 years, for over 40s it’s every 1-2 years, and for those over 65 it’s annually. Other reasons include a family history of eye disease, you need glasses or lenses, are considering laser eye surgery, or your vision has recently changed. 

It is always wise to plan routine eye checks, and especially important as you grow older and your vision deteriorates. A regular visit to an Ophthalmologist is a vital step in maintaining your overall health since an Ophthalmologist is a fully qualified medical doctor who specialises in every kind of eye and vision problem. They can support you with professional expertise in everything from routine eye examinations to diagnosing complicated ocular diseases, from treatment to advice about disease prevention. With more than four years’ specialist eye and vision-related training on top of their already-extensive general medical training, they’re perfectly placed to identify abnormalities and vision problems, deal with eye trauma, recommend surgery to the eye and eyelids, and treat a large collection of diseases including common conditions like glaucoma and cataracts. 

How to find and choose the best Ophthalmologist in Dubai?

Doctify’s intelligent filters let you identify the best specialist. Honest online reviews from genuine patients provide the perfect way to find highly-rated Ophthalmologists in Dubai and make a sensible decision. Use the filters to sort through your preferred requirements, whether it’s a fast appointment, somewhere close to home, or a Dubai Ophthalmologist who has been rated highly by their patients. 

How much does a private Ophthalmologist appointment cost in Dubai?

The cost of a private Ophthalmologist appointment in Dubai varies according to which specialist you see, the purpose of your appointment, and the length of the appointment. You’ll usually find a price list on the clinic’s website, but to be 100% sure it makes sense to call the clinic to confirm the cost before you make an appointment.  

What happens at an Ophthalmologist appointment?

An appointment with your Ophthalmologist is likely to kick off with a detailed personal medical history, looking into the symptoms you are experiencing and the current condition of your eyes, the quality of your vision, and any treatment you’re having. Then they’ll do a series of tests on your eyes to check their physical condition and your sight, before making recommendations around treatment, surgery, or lifestyle changes.  

What conditions do Ophthalmologists treat?

Your Ophthalmologist will treat common eye problems like Conjunctivitis and Blepharitis, where the eyes and lids become red and sore. They treat Cataracts and diagnose Glaucoma, where the optic nerve is damaged. They handle Age-Related Macular Degeneration or AMD, and Astigmatism, where your eyes blur. Dry Eye Syndrome is common as is Presbyopia, which results in focus issues.  

  • Amblyopia
  • Binocular Vision
  • Blephex
  • Colour Vision Deficiency
  • Corneal Ectasia
  • Demodex
  • Double Vision
  • Dylopia
  • Eye Problem
  • Keratoconus
  • Lazy Eye
  • Macula Hole
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Macular Haemorrhage
  • MGD (Meibomian Gland Dysfunction)
  • Retinal Detachment
  • Squint
  • Visual Stress

What procedures do Ophthalmologists conduct?

Some Ophthalmologists specialise in a certain disease or eye area, for example, cornea specialists who deal with the transparent part at the front of the eye that covers the iris, pupil, and anterior chamber. A general Ophthalmologist most commonly carries out eye tests and Laser Eye Surgery, vision tests, Glaucoma tests and physical eye examinations. 

  • Aesthesiometry
  • Biopsies
  • Colorimeter
  • Complex Cataract Surgery
  • Complex Contact Lens Assessment
  • Epiretinal Membrane
  • Fundus photography
  • Glasses and glasses repairs 
  • Humphreys Visual Field
  • IPL (Intense Pulse Light)
  • Low Vision Assessment
  • Meibography
  • Minor Eyelid Procedures
  • Muscle Balance
  • Myopia Control
  • OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomography)
  • Optical coherence tomography
  • Orthokeratology
  • Orthoptics
  • Overnight Lens Wear
  • Pachymetry
  • Paediatric Ophthalmology
  • Paediatric Optometry
  • Parasitic cultures
  • Prisms
  • Profilo Plastica
  • Retinal Imaging
  • Retinal Laser Surgery
  • Routine Eye Exam
  • Scleral Contact Lenses
  • Specialist Contact Lenses
  • Specular microscopy
  • Threshold perimetry
  • Topography
  • Urgent Eye Care