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Best Oncology clinics in Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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HealthBay Polyclinic

977 Al Wasl Rd - 5.46 kilometers

HealthBay Polyclinic

977 Al Wasl Rd - 5.46 kilometers
Oncology Obstetrics & Gynaecology Dentistry

Dental Check

Obstetric Consultation

Gynaecology Consultation

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HealthBay is a popular private medical clinic group with facilities on Al Wasl Road in Umm Suqeim and Motor City. Our clinics deliver the highest quality international standards in medical care and we are capable of providing all of the family’s healthcare needs. We have a large team of experienced, dedicated healthcare professionals on the premises and we're aiming to become the region's first-stop provider of integrated, patient-centred care, thanks to significant expertise, exceptional service and real support. Because we're fully focused on patients’ needs you enjoy a superb level of skill and insight, and the standards we operate to are rigorous. Because we're also patient, approachable, supportive and accessible, people come back to us time and time again and even recommend friends and family.

The highest calibre of talent is yours at this superb facility. While pragmatic and realistic, we are also knowledgeable and understand the importance of personal care dedicated to the individual. We work tirelessly for our patients, responding to their needs quickly and in supporting their health and well-being in any way we can, often way beyond their immediate needs. Because we remain closely connected, our patients feel properly cared for and looked after as individuals, not just one of the crowd. We are proud to be accountable, taking responsibility for errors if they happen – which is incredibly rare. And we are dedicated to constant improvement. When you want more than medical expertise, you want an experience where you're listened to and taken seriously, come to us. We inspire confidence and peace of mind.

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Dubai Hospital

Abubaker Alsidiq , Dha, DXB, Dubai - 6.41 kilometers

Dubai Hospital

Abubaker Alsidiq , Dha, DXB, Dubai - 6.41 kilometers
Oncology Nephrology (Renal Medicine) Cardiology

NMC Speciality Hospital Al Nahda

7 A St, Amman St , Dubai - 8.51 kilometers

NMC Speciality Hospital Al Nahda

7 A St, Amman St , Dubai - 8.51 kilometers
Oncology Anaesthetics Allergy Medicine + 30 more

What is Oncology? 

Oncology is the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancers. A medical professional who practices oncology is an oncologist, and they have a very wide remit indeed since cancers affect every area of the body. 

Oncology involves providing the best possible outcome for people with cancer, whether it means a cure, prolonging life or making the remainder of someone’s life as positive and enjoyable as possible. It involves giving counselling to patients and their families and also carrying out essential clinical research. Clinical care, clinical trials, lab work and more are integral parts of the field, often within multidisciplinary teams.

What procedures can you find at an Oncology clinic? 

  • Physical examinations
  • Diagnosis and analysis
  • Surgery support
  • Care co-ordination
  • Prescribing treatments
  • Managing treatment
  • Education and counselling
  • Chemotherapy 
  • Radiotherapy
  • Endocrine therapy 
  • Biological therapies 
  • Research 

What should you expect at an Oncology clinic?

Your initial consultation with an oncologist, whether they are a surgical, medical or radiation specialist, will involve taking and reviewing your medical history, symptoms, records related to your diagnosis, any radiology scans, pathology slides and reports. It may also involve a physical examination and you might be measured and weighed. Once the oncologist or team has analysed everything you’ll be given full details about your treatment options and choices.