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Best Dentists in Mina Jebel Ali - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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We didn't find any results for your search within 15 kilometres of Mina Jebel Ali - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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Dr. Jamal Zoubi - Dentists
16.15 kilometers
Expert in: Amalgamation, Braces, Bridge, Cap + 39 more

Dr. Zoubi Jamal has 20 years of work experience in Parma, Italy in his own dental polyclinic. He graduated from School of Medicine and Surgery, Italy in 1989, doing his initial practice in Italy before working internationally.

Dr. Zoubi practiced in Italy in his own polyclinic from 1992 until 2014 as Dentist, a highly successful Implantologist in Parma, Italy, with the highest quality results for his patients. He has participated in many meetings internationally about implant surgery and bone regeneration. Although he enjoys all aspects of dentistry his main passion is cosmetic and implant surgery where he can truly practice the art he has devoted his life to.

Dr Zoubi Jamal actively participates and contributes in major international dental conferences. He is always up to date with the latest research and technology in the field of dentistry, always working hard to have the highest level of knowledge to provide the best patient care. He has attended several conferences on Digital Dentistry in Dubai and all over the world. His hard work and passion of dentistry and advanced dental technology make him one of the leading dentists in Dubai, renowned for his excellent results.

He enjoys getting to know everyone of all his patients and is a firm believer of treating everyone with upmost respect and compassion. Dr. Jamal practices his profession from two countries (Dubai and Parma, Italy).

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Dr. Nour Al-Kayem - Dentists
23.26 kilometers
Expert in: Clean (Teeth), Scale & Polish, Filling, Amalgamation + 19 more

Dr. Al-Kayem obtained her Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 2005. She is Interested in the broad scope of general dentistry as well as family dentistry. Her experience and abilities mean she is able to effectively treat all age groups and has mastered Behavioural Dental Management for children, ensuring their treatments ends with a happy outcome.

She is able to provide basic or complex dentistry depending on the requirements and is able to deliver complex mouth rehabilitation dentistry such as a smile reconstruction or enhancement.

Dr. Al-Kayem is a certified dental laser specialist and a certified nitrous oxide sedation administrator.

She is passionate about providing quality, developing trust and creating a beautiful smile.

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Dr. Yasser Niazi - Dentists
23.26 kilometers
19 years of experience
Expert in: Composite Filling, Clean (Teeth), Root Canal, Amalgamation + 13 more

Dr. Al Niazi graduated in 2001 in dental surgery.

In 2002, he started working in the public sector for the Dubai Health Authority and in 2005 he started a private practice.

Over the years, he has continued his post-graduate education and completed many courses including those in cosmetic dentistry, implantology and aesthetic dentistry.

Due to his vast experience, expertise and passion, Dr. Al Niazi is able to develop the appropriate treatment plans for his patients as well as utilise new materials and techniques in all aspects of dentistry.

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Dr. Shebabeldin Ramadan - Dentists
25.35 kilometers
Expert in: Invisalign, Endodontist, IUD, Orthodontist + 1 more

Dr Shebab is a dentist with over 9 years of experience who specialises in pediatric dentistry, endodontic and prosthodontic cases (including full mouth rehabilitation, porcelain veneers, CAD, CAM & CEREC). Dr Shebab has treated over 1,000 pediatric cases and is also known for treating malocclusion using Invisalign.

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Dr. Drusilla Youssef - Dentists
25.35 kilometers
Expert in: Endodontist, Facial Aesthetics, IUD, Invisalign + 1 more

Dr Drusilla Youssef is a General Dentist currently based at Medica Zone Clinic, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Her areas of clinical interest and medical procedures/ treatments she offers include restorative dentistry, endodontics, extractions and Invisalign. 

Dr Youssef qualified in Dentistry in 2014 with a Bachelors Degree of Dental Medicine and Surgery from Aim Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. In 2016 she attained a Diploma of Membership of the Joint Dental Faculties from the Royal College of Surgeons of England. She is also a Certified Invisalign Provider and she has a Membership of the Joint Dental Faculties, RCS. 

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Dr. Mina Charopeme - Dentists
25.35 kilometers
Expert in: Filling, Crowns, IUD

Dr Mina Charopeme is a highly-accomplished Specialist Pediatric Dentist. He is well versed with nitrous oxide sedation, conducting dental examinations, dental x-rays, fillings, crowns, space maintainers and diagnosis of children in need of orthodontic treatment.

In addition, Dr Mina also has experience treating patients with special needs, handling pediatric dental emergencies and oral dental rehab under general anaesthesia.

Dr Mina strongly believes in a multi-disciplinary approach. He is deeply passionate about behavior management and changing the stereotypical view of children with dental anxiety. He likes to encourage kids to maintain a good oral health status by attending regular dental check-ups. He also works towards building trust with the child and thereby establishing a caring dental home for them.

Dr Charopeme completed his Bachelor Degree in Dentistry in 2010 at Misr International University, Cairo, Egypt and went on to achieve his Master’s Degree in Paediatric Dentistry from the European University College in 2015. In 2017, he attended the Dental Canadian Boards and he successfully finished his Dental Specialty Core Knowledge Examination.

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Dr. Saba Rafiei Elizei - Dentists
26.03 kilometers
Expert in: Veneers, Cosmetic Dentistry, Crowns, Facial Aesthetics + 7 more

Dr Saba Rafiei Elizei is a Dental Surgeon who has been working at Al Qasar Aldahabi Medical Center for more than three years. She qualified as a Dentist in 2014 from Ajman University of Science and Technology in UAE, before working as a Dentist at the university for two years.

She then briefly worked as a General Dentist at the clinics, Moonlight Polyclinic, Royal Dental Care and Smile Design Clinic, where she developed her skills and dental expertise. Following this, she began working at Al Qasar Aldahabi Medical Center since 2017. At the clinic, she covers aspects of general dentistry, as well as aesthetic, paediatric and restorative dentistry. 

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Dr. Rafif Tayara - Dentists
26.99 kilometers
15 years of experience
Expert in: Clean (Teeth), Filling, IUD

Dr. Rafif Tayara was brought up as a child in Montreal, Canada but from Lebanese origins. She trained in Pediatric Dentistry both at St-Justine Children’s Hospital in Montreal and at Saint-Joseph University in Beirut.

She is an international speaker and lecturer in Oral Health, as well as the Middle East Ambassador for the Scandinavian company 'Jordan' one of the world's oldest oral healthcare brands.

Dr. Rafif has lived and worked in Montreal, Beirut, Abu Dhabi, Doha and Dubai gathering an extensive experience of 16 years in treating children from all walks of life. She had the privilege of treating a huge diversity of healthy and sick kids from all over the world, in different healthcare systems both in private and public settings.

Coming from a multicultural background, she is fluent in French, English and Arabic. Her passion for languages led her to also study Italian and Portuguese. She says “This brings me closer to my little patients and families who I treat”. 

Currently Dr. Rafif practices at Dr. Michael's Children's Dental Center, offering high-quality & specialized pediatric dentistry inluding nitrous oxide sedation and Oral Rehabilitation under General Anesthesia, using the most up to date techniques and most proven behavior management approaches.

She is also a proud mother of 8 year-old twins. “ I can truly relate to the parental struggles when it comes to raising kids in an expat environment. I enjoy sharing parenting tips with my little patients’ parents on a daily basis” .

Besides pediatric dentistry, Dr Rafif's passions include dancing and traveling the world whenever she needs a break to change perspectives.

You can follow her on Instagram @doctortayara to see her daily stories with patients, helping them to have a healthy, happy smile for life.

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Dr Yahya Tosun - Dentists
28.23 kilometers
Expert in: Braces, Orthodontist, Invisalign, Enteral Feeding + 1 more

Dr. Tosun is a graduate of the University of Istanbul’s Dental School and holds a PhD in Orthodontics from the University of Aegea. A professor and clinical consultant on fixed orthodontics, Dr. Tosun is the author and co-author of three books on “Biomechanics in Orthodontics” and “Orthodontics in General Practice”. A gifted orthodontist, Dr. Tosun’s mission is to create beautiful smiles and build patient’s self-confidence through specialist orthodontic treatments.

Dr. Tosun's areas of expertise include adult orthodontics, invisible braces (lingual orthodontics) and early orthodontic treatments for patients under 10 years old. Well-travelled, Dr. Tosun has lived in both Turkey and the UAE and he is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists, World Federation of Orthodontics, Turkish Orthodontic Society and Emirates Medical Association.

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Dr. Maysoon is a general dentist with vast experience in the United Kingdom. She graduated from Manchester University in 2006, and successfully earned postgraduate qualification by becoming a member of the Faculty of Dental Surgeons at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, in 2008.

Dr. Maysoon has a particular interest in minimally invasive aesthetic dentistry and cosmetic orthodontics and is a certified provider of Invisalign®, Inman Aligner™ and Six Months Smiles® treatments. She completed a one-year program in Cosmetic Dentistry and Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry in London. She is also certified in Digital Smile Design (DSD) and in performing laser dentistry.

In 2008 her passion for teaching made her the youngest clinical teaching fellow at Manchester University, where she taught the undergraduate dental students. She continues to serve the Royal College of Surgeons of England as an examiner for the Diploma of Membership of the Joint Dental Faculties.

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What is a Dentist?

Dentists are also known as dental surgeons. They specialise in dentistry, everything from diagnosing issues with the teeth and gums to prevention, treatment, dental health and hygiene. They cover various diseases and conditions of the mouth and also carry out cosmetic dentistry to make your smile the best it can be. 

Dentists are supported by dental assistants, dental hygienists, and dental technicians. You might be referred by your GP or another type of medical expert, and you might find your procedure has to take place in a hospital rather than a regular dental clinic – it depends on the complexity of the treatment you need.

When to see a dentist?

There’s a growing body of scientific evidence proving that mouth hygiene issues can affect the health of the human heart. When you’re at greater risk of gum disease, your risk of heart disease also increases.  Whether or not your teeth are painful it is essential to visit the dentist regularly to keep them in good condition, have them checked by an expert for problems you might not be able to feel or see, and have your teeth regularly cleaned by a dental hygienist.  

What conditions does a dentist treat? 

A dentist treats a broad range of mouth-related medical conditions as well as carrying out cosmetic treatments to improve the appearance of teeth. 

  • Painful teeth (toothache)
  • Broken, cracked, crooked and chipped teeth
  • Stained teeth
  • Gum abscesses and gum disease 
  • Cavities
  • Impacted teeth
  • Temperature sensitivity 
  • Hyperdontia (too many teeth)
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Tooth clenching and grinding 
  • Wisdom teeth issues
  • Decorative grill problems
  • Lost teeth

What subspecialties are included under dentistry? 

Dental subspecialties include dental public health, endodontics (treating the dental pulp), oral and maxillofacial pathology, radiology and surgery, plus orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics. It can also include expertise in paediatric dentistry (for young people), periodontics (dealing with the structure of the teeth) and prosthodontics (dental prostheses)