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Best Clinical Genetics clinics in Unnamed Road - داماك هيلز 2 - دبي - United Arab Emirates

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King's College Hospital Dubai Hills

Alkhail Street, Marabea East Exit, Dubai - 11.45 kilometers

King's College Hospital Dubai Hills

Alkhail Street, Marabea East Exit, Dubai - 11.45 kilometers
Urology Acute Pain Breast Surgery + 16more

King’s College Hospital UAE is one of the best hospitals in Dubai, made up of recently opened Dubai Medical Centres in Marina and Jumeirah, plus the Surgical and Medical Centre in Abu Dhabi and a state-of-the-art 100-bed facility at Dubai Hills in Mohammed bin Rashid City. As such they provide local access to world-beating treatment from respected medical professionals. About 33% of their clinical staff have been recruited from the best British facilities, including King’s College Hospital, the teaching hospital, and its partner hospitals across the UK. Most of their doctors are also UK-educated and trained, and are also highly experienced in their fields.

You can fully expect the finest levels of healthcare, whether it's a consultation or a diagnostic test, treatment or specialist recovery. Everything they do here is inspired by best practice, and patient health outcomes are the top priority of all. Tasked with the aim to become the region’s most trusted integrated healthcare provider, and serve the community by empowering their team, care at King's is both properly personalised to your needs and wonderfully compassionate. And social responsibility isn't just a phrase here, it really matters.

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Fakih IVF - Dubai

Al Wasl Rd, Dubai - 15.39 kilometers

Fakih IVF - Dubai

Al Wasl Rd, Dubai - 15.39 kilometers
Clinical Genetics Fertility Medicine Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Fakih IVF Fertility Centre was first established by Dr Michael Fakih, a Reproductive Endocrinologist. He had the aim of delivering improved fertility treatments to help infertile couples to successfully conceive and start a family. The centre offers consultations and treatments on Infertility, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Genetic testing and IVF procedures.

This was the first IVF centre to be set up in Dubai in 2011, followed by further locations including Abu Dhabi in 2013 and Al Ain in 2018. His IVF centres are some of the few centres in the Middle East to have a Genetics Laboratory, providing screening for genetic diseases and chromosomal abnormalities. Through understanding the genetics behind infertility, specialised treatments can be created to resolve the problem of infertility.

The centre has five core values which allow it to strive for excellence, Family, Achievement, Kindness, Innovation and Hope. These values together help to create families and achieve the highest success rates.

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What is Clinical Genetics? 

This is a relatively new field and it’s expanding fast. Clinical Genetics involves diagnosing and genetic counselling for people and entire families with genetic conditions, or those who are at risk of a genetic disorder. The idea is to support patients in achieving a normal life when faced with chromosomal abnormalities, birth defects, gene disorders like cystic fibrosis, and familial cancers. 

Many people with genetic syndromes identified in childhood or at pregnancy screenings need support from genetic services, and as more disorders are found to have a genetic component, for example, diabetes and coronary heart disease, the field is likely to widen. 

What procedures can you find at a Clinical Genetics clinic? 

  • Taking patients’ clinical histories
  • Making physical examinations 
  • Skin biopsy
  • Genetic testing and analysis
  • Genetic counselling 
  • Clinical photographs 
  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Education and information

What should you expect at a Clinical Genetics clinic?

The most important part of your first clinical genetics appointment is the preparation, which involves gathering a lot of relevant information. Your clinician will take a full family medical history designed to pin down the inheritance pattern of any disease. And your clinical genetics professional will obtain all the right test results required to drive an accurate diagnosis and a practical, effective management plan.