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Best Cardiothoracic Surgery clinics in Emirates Hills - Jumeirah Heights - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

2 results found for Cardiothoracic Surgery in Emirates Hills - Jumeirah Heights - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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International Modern Hospital

Sheikh Rashid Road, International Modern Hospital, DXB, Dubai - 15.26 kilometers

International Modern Hospital

Sheikh Rashid Road, International Modern Hospital, DXB, Dubai - 15.26 kilometers
Urology Cardiology Dermatology + 8 more

International Modern Hospital (IMH) was established in 2005 and is a tertiary multi-speciality hospital with state-of-the-art facilities, specialising in all areas.

IMH prides itself on providing exceptional keyhole surgical care and their state-of-the-art facilities and highly skilled surgeons make them the preferred choice for complex cases in the region.

In addition, the 24×7 Care across key specialities differentiates IMH from the rest, and their focus is to be the preferred hospital for ‘Family healthcare and wellbeing’.

To achieve this, they employ a team of the finest healthcare professionals who offer unparalleled treatment and care.

They are also committed to redefining the entire patient care experience and providing an outstanding service to patients round-the-clock because when it comes to your family’s health, there can be no compromise.

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Al Zahra Hospital Dubai

Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai - 3.48 kilometers

Al Zahra Hospital Dubai

Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai - 3.48 kilometers
Urology Cardiology Dermatology + 8 more

The Al Zahra Hospital Dubai is a popular independent healthcare provider in the region, treating the local and and international communities who live in the UAE with personalised care in a cutting-edge place via world-class medical experts who know the latest and most effective techniques. And all that means we provide the best possible care for you and your family. We work closely with other public and private hospitals to promote our region as a globally-respected healthcare destination. 35 years' experience in the healthcare sector mean we deliver excellent standards of healthcare focused on patient-centred care and really good clinical outcomes. Our hospital operates in compliance with strict Global Accreditation and International Standards and offers you 187 beds plus state-of-the-art facilities and a strong focus on evidence-based medicine.

Visit us for specialist services in anaesthesia, cardiology, ER services, endocrinology, general surgery and more, from a team of doctors and nurses whose immense experience in their respective specialities means they're at the top of their game, many with global recognition and accreditation. But it's the empathy we feel that makes us truly special. We believe in empathetic listening and we act accordingly. Combining this with the very latest advanced technology and excellent facilities means our patients experience the utmost in comfort while with us, and we even have a number of beautiful VIP rooms, the essence of luxury with superb views. If you'd like to enjoy the highest standards of quality care along with a genuine healing touch, we'll see you soon.

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What is Cardiothoracic Surgery? 

Cardiothoracic surgery is all about treating conditions of the heart, lungs, and chest, all of which are inter-dependant in many ways. Cardiothoracic surgeons carry out a wide range of cardiothoracic surgeries, everything from simple to complex, the most complex of all being heart and lung transplants. 

Cardiothoracic work deals with the many diseases that occur in these essential organs that lie inside the chest cavity, plus the bony and other structures that make it up, treating anything from coronary artery disease to blocked arteries and blocked heart valves. 

What procedures can you find at a Cardiothoracic Surgery clinic? 

Cardiothoracic surgeons carry out a broad variety of different operations, including:

  • Thoracic keyhole surgery 
  • Chest-wall surgery  
  • Congenital cardiac surgery 
  • Hole in the heart (septal defects)
  • Coronary artery bypass 
  • Heart valve surgery
  • Aortic surgery
  • Surgery for lung cancer
  • Surgery for tumours and cysts 
  • Surgery for collapsed and infected lungs 
  • Stenosis of the aortic and pulmonary valves
  • Valve replacement
  • Coronary artery grafts
  • Thoracic pneumonectomy 
  • Thoracic wedge resection
  • Lobectomy  
  • Cardiopulmonary bypass
  • A wide variety of minimally-invasive surgeries 

What should you expect at a Cardiothoracic Surgery clinic?

Your GP might refer you to a cardiothoracic service, as can your cardiologist, respiratory physician, gastroenterologist or even your oncologist. You will probably see a surgeon on an outpatient basis at first, where you’ll discuss everything including your surgical choices and any other options, and the risks involved. You might also see an anaesthetist separately to assess your suitability for an anaesthetic. There’s dental involvement too, since there’s such a strong link between the teeth and the heart. If surgery is necessary you must visit the dentist no longer than 6 months before the surgery, and any ongoing or necessary dental treatment must be completed before your operation.