Selina Galliers

“I would recommend Doctify to other medical secretaries. Doctify is a clean, modern, easy-to-navigate and up-to-date portal.”


Medical Secretary Selina Galliers

We spoke to Mr Edward Lee and Mr Stephen Gordon’s medical secretary, Selina Galliers, to find out how joining Doctify has supported her day-to-day role and the practices of Mr Lee and Mr Gordon.

Why did Mr Lee and Mr Gordon choose to join Doctify?

Both Mr Lee and Mr Gordon wanted to work with an independent platform that would allow them to collect reviews from their patients. They wanted people to be able to read reviews for the different procedures that they carry out in order to be able to recognise the standard of care that they provide.

Digitising the review collection process has been great for Mr Gordon. With patients as young as 20 years old, the digital approach means that leaving reviews is easy and convenient and has led to Mr Gordon receiving a good volume of patient reviews.

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How has Doctify benefited the practices of Mr Lee and Mr Gordon? 

Doctify has added value to their practices. As people typically do their own research prior to getting in contact, the online reviews on Doctify mean that they are already introduced to my consultants before they contact the office. People know about their care before they even become a patient of my consultants. We do get feedback that people read the reviews on Doctify.

For both of my consultants, they also encourage their patients to read their reviews. It helps to instill trust and confidence in patients prior to their procedures. Both consultants also include their reviews on their websites and links to their Doctify profiles, making it easy for patients to read about the experiences of their other patients.

How have you found using Doctify? 

Doctify is an easy-to-use platform that I check almost daily. For Mr Lee, I am copied into the notifications so I am informed every time someone leaves a review and for Mr Gordon, I always keep his Doctify dashboard open in one of my tabs.

When it comes to collecting reviews with Mr Lee, we have included information on how to leave a review in our letters. We typically correspond with his patients via the telephone or by letter, so this is a method that suits his patients. For Mr Gordon, who works with the practice management software Carebit, we actively promote review collection through this system.

I will also prompt patients, asking if they would like to leave a review after their appointments. Some patients have even mentioned me in their reviews, which is lovely to see.

How does Doctify support you in your job?

Doctify is very helpful. It is an extra string to my bow. When patients get in touch, I am able to refer patients who are curious about the standards of my consultants to Doctify. They can go onto the platform and use the tags to read reviews for the different procedures that my consultants carry out.

Would you recommend Doctify to other medical secretaries?

I would recommend Doctify to other medical secretaries. Doctify is a clean, modern, easy-to-navigate and up-to-date portal.

It supports the practices of Mr Lee and Mr Gordon, allowing for the independent collection of reviews. People can share their experiences and be honest with it. It is very helpful. It allows consultants to have a web presence that they can direct patients to, so that patients can read all of their key information as well as their honest patient reviews.

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