Dr Harald Widhalm

Dr Widhalm digitises his feedback requests and hears from 3x more patients


Dr Widhalm wanted to hear from more patients

Collecting and analysing patient feedback had become an administrative burden for Dr Widhalm and his team. He wanted to digitise his review collection

Dr Widhalm was looking for an operationally efficient process so that he could easily receive consistent, up-to-date feedback that gave him a better understanding of his patients' experiences.

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Digitising Dr Widhalm's review collection to allow for a higher volume of feedback to be collected easily


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Doctify has taken away the operational burden of review collection. Dr Widhalm now receives a consistent flow of patient reviews that are always up-to date. The honest and meaningul feedback has helped him to get a better understanding of what his patients are most satisfied with, and the slight tweaks he needs to make so that his patients can get the very best from him and his practice.


minutes of extra work for Dr Widhalm and his team 


more patient feedback with Doctify than Google


star rating on Doctify

quote icon Dr Harald Widhalm Orthopaedic and trauma surgeon

“When patients visit my Doctify profile, they not only want to see a high volume of reviews, but also recent feedback. Automating my feedback links makes sure that my future patients have the information that they need before getting in contact.”

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