Advanced Care Oncology Center (ACOC)

ACOC unifies their reviews and gains meaningful patient experience insights


ACOC wanted to better understand their patients

Prior to joining Doctify, ACOC's departments were all using different feedback forms, which patients had to fill out by hand.

The team wanted to unify the reviews being collected across their departments. They were also looking for feedback forms that were easy to submit and analyse. They wanted to be able to access patient feedback that was more quantifiable and easier to transform into data to support their improvement journey.

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Doctify has supported ACOC in digitising their patient feedback


Let's talk about results

Since joining Doctify, the ACOC team have been able to collect more unified feedback and analyse it with greater ease. This has allowed them to gain a better understanding of what patients appreciate as well as recognise ways to make their experiences even better.


more feedback with Doctify than Google


Outstanding Patient Feedback Award winner


average patient trust score

quote icon The Advanced Care Oncology Center Team

Collecting patient feedback through Doctify has confirmed that our patients really appreciate our added-on services like the patient coordinators, who bring a lot of joy to our patients.

Since working with Doctify, we have hired a new patient coordinator for the only department that didn’t have one. This means that we can better explain the sometimes longer wait times to patients before doing their PET or CT scans, improving their overall satisfaction with us.

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